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Impeachment Trump: Possible or not?


The fact that the procedure was initiated impeachment Donald Trump is in itself a large-scale event that can cause significant damage to both Trump's political career, and support, which will increase the chances of winning the election campaign for the presidency next year.

And the outcome of this battle depends on how you will play the card of Democrats and whether she would believe how Trump supporters and the population. For Democrats, it is very important to inform everyone that the main offense Trump - a threat to national security, which could again be repeated. If this plan works, even if the president and will produce up to the end of his term, he will not see the victory in the elections next year.



It is important to understand that there were representatives of the Democratic Party, who almost from the first days of the president of the board called for the impeachment, but substantial evidence to initiate the procedure was not. To do this, the charge of obstruction of justice and conspiracy with other governments, and other "serious crimes and misdemeanors."

And although a lot of representatives of the Democratic Party and its voters support such an idea, but the Republicans and their constituents in the majority, which complicated the development of such a scenario. The speaker and deputy Democrat Nancy Pelosi knew it, so so long and did not accept this kind of earlier decisions. In addition, it realistically assess the risks that the beginning of impeachment proceedings could lead to counterproductive effects, namely, unite Republicans and their allies. 

But all the same procedure was launched, probably for that Pelosi was on this basis. First of all, the decision was due to the fact that she could not resist the majority that this is actively insisted, because, if she did not, then it is possible that this could lead to a split in the party, and this Now no one needs.

In addition, Pelosi was the foundation - the collusion between Trump and President of Ukraine Zelensky to organize outside interference in the electoral process in the United States. It was also another reason - suspension of military aid to Ukraine. That is, all of the factors developed in the ideal opportunity to initiate impeachment proceedings.

When this administration the White House tried to cover up the transcript of the conversation Trump and Zelensky, which only confirms the guilt of the American president and also allows all interpreted in a manner that breaches Trump - a national security issue, it is likely that requires urgent solutions.

And here need to understand that there is always security is a priority and get out Trump in this case is more complicated, because to put it as an attack on the part of opponents will be difficult. That is, the voters will be a matter of choice - to support the Democrats or still to defend the president's actions, which unfairly maligned.

But then again, we emphasize that the question here is in the national security, as this aspect a priority of Americans and they do not forgive such offenses. If the Democrats prove guilt Trump that he posed a threat to the national security of the country, it will be brought to justice, and those who will defend him also fall under the distribution. 

That is, the Democrats need to unite as never before and to do everything possible to discredit the Republicans, if they do not succeed, then Trump will participate in the presidential race and eliminate it is not possible to win. That is, it is necessary to arrange things so that Trump has not even put forward his candidacy for the next presidential election.

But it is important to remember that the charge of national security threat will harm not only Trump, but his party - the Republicans. But at the same time it has a positive impact on the support of the Democrats and their candidate for the top post of the country.

Thus, at the moment it all depends on what in the world will be presented to the impeachment of the Democrats, namely, if they can prove that his actions were a threat to national security. In addition, it is important which way will the Republicans and their supporters - support Trump or choose the side of the enemy, and it remains to be seen.



WELTRADE analyst Andrew Kemp




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