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Greenbacks required to repay! Why the US went to war with Iran, and not withdraw their troops from Iraq?


In order to attract attention to his person, enough to blurt something out of the ordinary. In order to make itself forgotten, words alone will not be enough. Required to organize something, do not just put on the ears of the whole world, but also divides it into two parts. For example, the murder of Iranian general. Countries exporting black gold sing his praises as a man who gave his life for the oil. State buys it, on the contrary, criticized. For the same reason. And why? It is possible to Donald Trump took to hush up the scandal around his own impeachment. 


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What is common between the US president and the Rottweiler?

-Palets in your mouth not luggage - bite.

-What's the difference?

-Rotveyler spit. 



Xi Jinping, communicated with the White House, already knows that you should not be happy if you called the "good guy" and a "good friend." It is necessary to ask what you need? With Americans can easily find yourself in a situation where on the one hand very well, but on the other we are. Trump owns with skill as a whip or carrot. China was awarded and that, and another. With Iran President acts solely by means of the whip. In response to Tehran's threats to avenge the murder of a prominent military commander US president promised to arrange a massacre. But I did not accept. Probably due to the fact that the United States does not believe that Iran will pay them for all the bombs, they will drop it. 



Perhaps someone will say that Trump is their actions in the Middle East, crossed the line, broke the law. However, there is no law, is no punishment. And there is no punishment, yet the executioner. When people can not emit light, they cast shadows. It is possible, cause of the murder of Iranian General should look into the impeachment, but do not exclude the option of redistribution of the oil market. The main buyer of the black gold in Iraq is China, and the US at the end of 2019 for the first time in many years, have turned from being a net importer of oil to a net seller. If you have problems with supplies from the Middle East, the Middle Kingdom will look to the US side. Here you have another way to get the state for its own foreign trade!



In a fairly delicate situation hit Baghdad. Not only that its territory was bombed, so more and the Americans are not going to leave their own base, as they politely asked for a local parliament. There is a version that the United States will not do so as long as Iraq does not return them to the billions of dollars spent on the invasion of the country at the end of the last century ... 


To be honest, a little bit sorry for Trump. Firstly, when a person has no brakes, all the roads are slippery for him. Secondly, on every side host some enemies surround the White House. China, North Korea, Iran, the Democrats in Congress ...


-Where do not spit everywhere enemies!

-Be might not care less necessary?

But the US president is necessary in this whole geopolitical turmoil support local stocks and higher global risk appetite. Where here is not addicted to whiskey? Melania 'means appetite drunk? And why then drunk in the trash, "Donald?" Appetite was very poor ... "


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Based on materials from LiteForex



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