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Forex forecast and recommendations today 19.11.2019: EUR / USD - The Bank of China lowered the rate, GBP / USD - positive on the debt market


The euro to dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 19/11/2019

Central Bank of China on Monday reduced weekly interest rate of 0.05% to 2.5%. This step Beijing went for the first time in four years. Thus, the Central Bank of China joined their colleagues from the G-20, which in the last three months of actively reducing interest rates. Through repos Chinese Central Bank "poured" into the financial system 180 billion. Yuan. Such a scheme is also now actively using the US Federal Reserve. What is the conclusion from all this can be done: the world's major central banks actively printing money and reduce interest rates, in such a period of high demand for "risk assets" (the stock index futures, stocks, higher-yielding currencies). The euro, along with gold - a "safe haven" and they will be under pressure until the end of the year. One should not think,

EURUSD recommendation: Sell 1.1081 / 1.1100, and take profit 1.1050






Pound Dollar forex GBPUSD outlook today 11/19/2019

The positive dynamics of the debt market indicates a continued upward trend - the yield on 10-year UK government bonds is increasing in relation to their counterparts in the US and Germany. Last week I mentioned the fact that investors are buying drawdown and we can expect a bullish rally. Why would someone actively buying the pound? Perhaps, very soon we will know the details of the negotiations between the British government and the European Union BREXIT. Judging from everything, we get positive news, and someone already, in advance, begins to form a "Long". Other explanation yet to redeem the drawdown in the negative news background must be a serious reason.

GBPUSD recommendation: Buy 1.2942 / 1.2918, and take profit 1.2994



Курс доллар иена форекс прогноз USDJPY сегодня 19.11.2019

The course of trading in the USDJPY pair remains heavily dependent on investor sentiment in the stock markets. On the eve in the news headlines appeared on the topic of trade negotiations the US and China. Ostensibly an unnamed source told reporters from NBC is that Beijing is taking a pause before the presidential election in 2020, as Trump threatened impeachment, and it now makes no sense to negotiate. Can you believe the journalists? In my opinion, no, because over the past four weeks, the media said three times that the trade negotiations have stalled, and all three times the official representatives of the US trade representative offices in China and denied the information. Why, then, the media published the news? Perhaps someone with more money paid journalists to thus enter into the market by the correction, such as birth information reverse faults always cause a correction in the day. We are waiting for a reversal trend and new records in the US stock market, which in turn have a positive impact on the USDJPY pair.

USDJPY recommendation: Buy 108.44 / 108.22 and take profit 109.00



FreshForex analyst



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