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Amazing things are happening in the market. Cost, there were rumors that Berlin could still agree to provide Greece delays to reduce costs, as EUR / USD rushed up. The ECB has also played a certain role, confirming their intention to fall more actively buying Eurobonds. The regulator plans to establish a "ceiling" for the yield on bonds of euro zone countries. In cases when it is exceeded, the ECB will be able to buy securities in unlimited amounts as interest rates stabilize.
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EUR USD "Euro Dollar"

currency pair euro dollar continues to move in line with expectations. At the moment quotes break the resistance level 1.24. We should expect the test this area and consider new purchases euros. Aggressive traders can recommend buying from current levels. The overall objective of the growth is the area of 1.2535.Cancellation option growth will drop in prices of the pair below 1.2285.

EUR USD "Euro Dollar"
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貨幣,歐元兌美元今天打破了其第六次合併。在議程的就是把工作目標1.2510。考慮減少在1.2367上方水平測試,進入​​了購買的機會。停止 - 下降的渠道。在圖中所示的結構的波的增長。您可以使用所有的修正組件額外購買。

於2012年8月22日技術分析EUR / USD,GBP / USD,USD / CHF,USD / JPY

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Currency, the euro dollar today broke the sixth time its consolidation up. On the agenda is put working off target 1.2510. Consider a reduction in the level test 1.2367 top, as an opportunity to enter into a purchase.Stop - a channel drops. The structure of the wave of growth is shown in the graph. You can use all of the correction components for additional purchases.

Technical analysis on 22.08.2012 EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / JPY

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Start the new week brought no change to the market. Dollar continued to trade in a narrow range against European majors, and the only difference between Monday's session was a slight decrease in the "green" the yen. Multidirectional pressure provides doubts that the EU could reach a consensus and combine their efforts to stop the crisis. U.S. economic news was released a little, in fact, investors have provided only Chicago Fed report, containing data on the growth of economic activity. 

 As it turned out, the total national activity index in July rose to -0.13 vs. -0.34 June, which have been revised downward. In this case, the components of the indicator showed a mixed trend - an indicator of consumption and the housing market rose to -0.22 from -0.28, while the indices of orders and employment fell to -0.01 from -0.03 to -0.09 and 0.02, respectively. In positive territory were only indicators of production. These results, of course, could indicate a weakness of economic growth. The news today is even more poor, makrostatitiki no plans to leave, and the political component of the speech will be a member of the FOMC, Atlanta Fed chief D. Lockhart. Statements of this functionary Fed tend to be "pigeon" and may cause a negative reaction in the dollar for investors. However, it is unlikely that the market there was increased activity aimed probably uneven stagnant trade in the range will continue.  

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Technical analysis GBP / USD

The price continues to test the strength of support at 1.5660/70 and now are trading at levels 1.5690/95. LEDs already have a preference "bear" plan, which offers a wait breakdown test level. If it does, then shoot for the sale of the next strong support 1.5590/1.5600. Breach of the same obstacles on the way down will signal the strength of the "bear" movement and will give reason to expect falling prices, at least to the level of 1.5470/80.

 However, to secure trading below 1.5670/60 priority remains on the side of the upward trend and the likelihood of a test of resistance at 1.5770, mentioned in previous comments.



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European leaders, including European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they would do everything possible to save the euro.  Against this background, the demand for risky assets backed securities markets and gave strong European currencies weaken against the dollar on  the foreign exchange market, forex .

ECB moves to buy Euro-bonds.

 The European Central Bank is planning to limit the cost of borrowing of individual euro-zone governments, buying an unlimited amount of bonds, the ECB predstvaiteli told the German magazine Der Spiegel on Sunday.

Such a move would mean an aggressive and controversial attempt of the central bank to lower borrowing costs for Spain and Italy.

The ECB will buy bonds when the spread between the yields on government bonds of troubled countries will be above a certain (unspecified) level compared to German government debt.

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And along the way the clouds are gathering around the euro on Forex.

The first sign in this case, in our opinion, have appeared in the last week, rumors that in September, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may seek assistance from the EU is already on the sovereign level. This kind of rumors, like, called first wave of optimism in the markets, in particular, the decline in yield Spanish 10-notches, the rise of the national market share on the basis of the last five days. But the other side of the coin in this case is that all of these packages assistance and any action to support the bond market in Spain - is actually monetizing the debt and a blow to the reputation of the ECB, that is the euro.

 Second signs in this regard can be in today's publication Spiegel that the ECB may have to the September meeting (06.09) to take a decision on the establishment of a maximum level of government bond yields for each country in the EU. It is assumed that this can be done by all of the same resource in the form of the ECB "printing press." If so, then the next meeting of the ECB, we can see a large number of people willing to play for a fall in EUR / USD.

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His statement yesterday Merkel, in fact, deprived of "bears" in the course of a single currency can be successfully closed positions ...

On Thursday, "evrobyki" very strongly reminded of myself. However, the trading day began not at all "like a bull." In contrast, the dollar has gained considerable support in the form of a series of publications, statistical data from the U.S., which lowered the probability of making the U.S. Federal Reserve next program of quantitative easing of monetary policy. 

 Finally, after two days of pre-reduction, trading on Thursday and began to "bear" colors - the euro / dollar fell to 1.2254 marks, what marked the intention to test the strength of support from the lows of last Friday (1.2240).

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