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Currency pair usdjpy just rushing up brown fifth consecutive month. In such cases, the technique does not work, well, almost not working. However, the dollar-yen second volume traded on the FOREX currency pair (after eurusd), so I hope that sooner or later the technical analysis work and liquidity show itself.
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Most of the major trading currency pairs held in narrow ranges, waiting for information about the decisions of Cyprus. However, in the second half of the session popularity rates shelters began to grow, which was marked by the strengthening dollar and the yen against the Europeans. Impact on the market at first proved various rumors about a possible exit from the euro area of ​​Cyprus, and then reports that the parliamentary vote on the tax bill for bank deposits are not accepted.
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Forex. The outlook for the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) for today 15/03/2013

Before the opening of the EU summit, the single currency once again began to decline. So bidders responded to the summit opening in Brussels and, in particular - the lack of European consensus on key economic issues.

 The European Parliament, by an overwhelming majority, has already rejected the draft EU budget for the next seven years, which was previously agreed by leaders - members of the EU (the debate on the budget of Europe has been going on for months - the countries of the region can not agree on its parameters). And this time, two-day summit, again, will discuss the economic problems of the region and the ways out of the crisis in Europe. In anticipation of the first results of the summit, the single currency tested to reduce the minimum daily uroven1.2911. Additional support sellers euro was not entirely successful results of the auction for the sale of Italian gos.obligatsy. Italian Finance Ministry failed to implement all planned volume of securities. Demand was lower than expected, with the cost of borrowing - has grown. However, a very significant oversold euro managed to stop the sale. Investors do not want to take risks and do not dare step transaction - to publish decisions of the summit. Decline, therefore, the pressure on the single currency, has allowed the "bulls" on the euro to start a new pair of recovery and virtually no resistance, to raise the exchange rate to the level of 1.3032. Here, close to peak,  EUR \ USD  and closed the trading session.

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The U.S. currency fell against the Europeans at auction Thursday. It seems that the process has been an increase of profit for earlier opening of long positions in the dollar, in terms of market uncertainty and a strong technical levels that provide the "buck" the resistance. Other reasons for selling the dollar just not visible because data on the U.S. economy continued to show a positive trend, and the news set of yesterday's session was no exception.
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About two weeks we spent on the EUR / USD in support of 1.30. And, if the market does have the strength and the desire to show the growth of this line, the correction to the February decline would have already occurred. Now it must be noted that with the depreciation of the euro below 1.30 chance to see this year or next month to support the achievement of 1.29 and then 1.27 noticeably occurred.

 We also see some evidence that support for the euro by Cyprus and Italy, most likely will not. First, close and there is no hint of the fact that the decision will be made on Cyprus in Brussels on March 14-15 (analytical surveys, market sentiment). And without this news on the establishment of the technical government in Italy is hardly someone to be happy.

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No new significant "stimulus" has a weak market activity. Session on Tuesday, as the first trading day of the week, was held in a narrow range and finished fixing a small advantage of the dollar against the Europeans and the same small its losses against the yen.
Views: 991 | Added by: mik | Date: 13.03.2013 | Comments (0)

First day of the week was another uninteresting Monday is market showed sluggish trade. Obviously, emotions caused by a decrease in the credit rating of Italy, came to naught, investors decided to take a breather, and some of them at the same time to take profits. Against this backdrop, the dollar fell against the euro and remained neutral with respect to the results of the pound.
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Last Friday, the news background can be seen as negative for the euro or the reason for the continuation of the downward trend of the EUR / USD for the next week.

  • Fitch lowers credit rating of 3.8 in Italy by one notch to BBB +, outlook "negative," noting the political uncertainty, strange attitude to further structural reforms, as well as the fact that the current recession in Italy - one of the deepest in Italy.
Views: 865 | Added by: mik | Date: 10.03.2013 | Comments (0)

Initiative again to the U.S. dollar. As already mentioned, Nonfarm payrolls for February above 200k (in fact 236k) can make investors forget about the favorable outcome of the last meeting of the ECB and start again bearish on the EUR / USD 1.29 in the area soon.

 Even if you make allowance for the fact that Nonfarm payrolls for January were revised downward to 119k from 157k, it is still "clean" indicator turns about 200k; besides the unemployment rate in the U.S. fell from 7.9% to 7.7%.

Views: 835 | Added by: mik | Date: 10.03.2013 | Comments (0)

Investors feared to make a big deal before the decisions of the European Central Bank at the rate and with the publication of the report the U.S. labor market. Data on employment in the private sector, represented by Wednesday, pointed to significant job growth.

 This is somewhat worsened the position of gold in early trading in the U.S., as to strengthen the economy may force the Federal Reserve to complete the leniency program by year's end, limiting the demand for gold as a hedge against inflation. However, later the news about the big players increased their investments in physical metal, using the period of low prices, helped to win back losses. Among the buyers was the central bank of South Korea, which has increased the gold reserves of about 20 tons, or almost a quarter in terms of value. However, all the fluctuations in the price of the metal held in the four range, as many investors do not take part in the auction, waiting for news alert.

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