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Forex forecast and recommendations today 06/11/2020: EUR / USD - Fed versus dollar growth, GBP / USD - Negotiations of Britain and E.S. stalled, USD / JPY - Strong sales should not be expected


Euro to dollar EURUSD forecast for today 06/11/2020

The US Fed meeting was positive for the euro. First, monetary authorities revised inflation forecasts - now FOMC executives expect inflation at 0.8% this year and 1.6% next year. This factor allows you to keep the discount rate at the current level of 0.1% in the next two years. For the dollar, this is a serious negative, since during this period a negative real interest rate will be observed. The strength of the dollar has always been kept at a positive real rate, and now the Federal Reserve is preparing us for a long period of negative rates. Secondly, the Fed said that in the coming month it will continue to print money and buy assets in the current volume, to ensure the smooth operation of the credit market. This signal is also negative for the dollar, as it will lead to a serious increase in the money supply.

EURUSD recommendation: Buy 1.1335 / 1.1310 and take profit 1.1421



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Forex forecast and recommendations today 06/10/2020: EUR / USD - A hard day for the dollar, GBP / USD - Correlation of the pound and risky assets, USD / JPY - Low inflation in the USA



Events today:

15.30 Moscow time. USA: May Consumer Price Index.

17.30 Moscow time. USA: Department of Energy Crude Oil Reserves Data for June.

21.00 Moscow time. USA: FOMC's decision on the basic interest rate.

Euro dollar forecast EURUSD forecast 06/10/2020

Today will be rich in important macroeconomic statistics from the United States. First we get inflation data. This report will be published in May, at a time when many states were quarantined, and oil prices traded at low levels for the first half of the month. Against this background, today we can expect the release of data at the level of median forecasts, which implies a symbolic increase in consumer prices. For the dollar, this is a negative signal. Next, a release will be published on the reserves of black gold in US vaults, where we can expect a decrease in stocks. This report will show statistics for the first week of June, when production declined, and some states abolished hard quarantine, which led to an increase in demand for petroleum products. For the dollar, this is a negative signal, because with the growth of oil quotes, a depreciation of the American currency is observed. At the end of the trading day, the Fed will issue a verdict at the discount rate. According to the FED-30 futures, which is traded on the Chicago SME exchange, the probability of a rate change today is a symbolic 10%. Moreover, by the end of the year investors do not expect rate changes in the United States. For the dollar, this is also negative.

EURUSD recommendation: Buy 1.1341 / 1.1325 and take profit 1.1390



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How to earn money for investors on Nestle shares? Trading investment ideas 06/08/2020 shares of Nestle SA (SIX)

Nestle SA Stock Analysis (SIX) #NESN

Nestle SA (SIX) is trading in the support level range of 101.67. A Bullish divergence forms on the Awesome Oscillator indicator, and the Stochastic Oscillator indicator signals oversold. For stock purchases, Nestle needs to complete the top-down design by breaking through an inclined channel.


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A quick recovery in the labor market signals the shortest recession in US history

Recessions end when the economy begins to grow. Judging by the fastest monthly increase in employment in May (+ 2.5 million) since the end of World War II, the current recession will be the deepest and shortest since the 1930s. Contrary to the gloomy forecast of unemployment rising to 20%, in fact, the indicator fell from 14.7% to 13.3%, which allowed the US stock indices to jump 3%, and the bulls to EUR / USD to take profits. When everyone is buying, there is a great opportunity to sell. The implementation of this principle, optimism about the faster growth of US GDP compared to the global counterpart, and the increase in the yield of treasuries have left the US dollar a shoulder.


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GOOGLE stocks - how to earn? Trading ideas for investors 06/05/2020 investment in GOOGLE shares (Alphabet Inc.)


GOOGLE Stock Analytics (Alphabet Inc.) #GOOGLE

Stock markets show a steady recovery after a strong fall. The overall trend of GOOGLE stocks (Alphabet Inc.) is upward. At the end of the trading session, the “Hammer” reversal pattern formed. The Stochastic Oscillator indicator is oversold.



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Oil quotes during the trading session on Thursday resumed the upward trend and again turned out to be above $ 40 per barrel. Positive dynamics continues on Friday, at 9:00 Moscow time, the cost of a barrel is $ 40.26.




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Forex forecast and recommendations today 06/05/2020: EUR / USD - The ECB has increased its asset buyback program, GBP / USD - long positions, USD / JPY - Who will print more money?


Events today:

15.30 Moscow time. USA: Change in the number of people employed in the non-agricultural sector in May.

Forex forecast EURUSD for today 06/05/2020

Today, two factors can be distinguished that will affect the course of trading. Firstly, the dynamics of the interbank lending market in London indicates the continuation of the uptrend in this currency pair. The benchmark three-month Libor rate has been at a low since November 2015, and the downtrend is only gaining momentum. This process logically fits into the downtrend on the USDX dollar basket index, where on June 1 it successfully overcame a strong support level of 98.34. The next level is located at 94.61. In terms of EURUSD, this is the level of 1.1550. Secondly, on the eve of the ECB announced an increase in the incentive program by 600 billion euros, with consensus market forecasts of 500 billion euros. The total repurchase of assets will be 1.35 trillion euros, coupons on bonds will be reinvested, thus, incentives will exceed the indicated amount. The completion of the program is scheduled for late 2022. For the euro, this is a negative signal, since the expansion of the program turned out to be more than the market initially expected. Today's report on employment in the US non-agricultural sector, in my opinion, will not cause a strong market reaction. The consensus forecast of economists at investment banks with Wall Street suggests a decrease in employment by 8 million people. Publication of negative data will not particularly upset anyone, since all investors understand that now, on June 5, it is too early to expect employment growth. The negative report is largely taken into account by market participants. What do we have in the dry residue? There are identical negative factors for the euro and the dollar. What to do in this case? In my opinion, it’s now advisable to take a wait and see position on the main currency pair, you can buy the DAX30 German Stock Index. Why? An increase in the ECB's stimulus program is negative for the euro, while positive for the stock market.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1325 -1.1400



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Forex forecast and recommendations today 06/04/2020: EUR / USD - ECB meeting is an excellent reason for correction !, GBP / USD - Conflicting factors, USD / JPY - yen funding currency No. 1


Events today:

14.45 Moscow time Eurozone: Publication of ECB Decision on Core Interest Rate

Forex forecast EURUSD today 06/04/2020

The ECB in the afternoon will announce its verdict on monetary policy. Investors do not expect a change in the interest rate, which is now at zero, while everyone expects an increase in the quantitative easing program. For the euro, this is a negative signal, since an increase in the money supply leads to a depreciation of the currency. In the interbank market in London, there is a drop in interest rates on loans in euros and dollars, but on loans in the European currency, rates are falling more, which is also negative for buyers of the euro. Euro quotes have been growing for the last seven days in a row, and a technical correction has matured. The ECB meeting is a great reason for the correction!

EURUSD recommendation: Sell 1.1235 / 1.1260 and take profit 1.1191



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The most profitable deal of the last week was the long position of the trader on the EURUSD pair. A trader bought a pair of EURUSD and earned $ 9500 in 3 trading days.


Buying EURUSD 05/25/2020 at 19:11 at the price of 1.08951.
Sell ​​EURUSD 05/28/2020 at 21:58 at the price of 1.10846.




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Oil market growth continues. Following the trading session on Monday, Brent crude oil additionally recovered by 2.8%, closing the day at $ 38.51 per barrel. Support for prices continues to be provided by a recovery in demand amid softening of quarantine measures, as well as a decrease in oil production by key oil-producing regions of the world.




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