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Friday, 10.04.2020, 20:46
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Coronavirus forced Washington to step on the throat of the slogan "America First!" The Fed announced the creation of a new financial mechanism, which will allow foreign central banks to obtain dollars for temporary use in exchange for their existing in the hands of US Treasury bonds; and Donald Trump intends to report on the 90-day deferral of import tariffs. He still assures Americans that China pays a fee, but in a collective letter to more than 100 CEOs of major US corporations asserted that the use of trade barriers in a pandemic worsens recession and reduces employment. 



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The use of statistics in times of market turmoil and recession looks crazy idea. And even a 7% and a 10% rally of the US dollar against the euro and the yen in mid-March, is not convinced of the opposite. Yes, in the early spring, I recommend to pay attention to the sale of EUR / USD and buying USD / JPY on the background of a potential recovery in the US stock market, but in fact, everything turned out differently: greenbacks strong in looking at the collapse of S & P 500, and as soon as the stock market began to rise from his knees, he, on the contrary, weakened.



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Unlike previous recessions, the current is not characterized by the fact that consumers and businesses are not willing to spend. They are not able to spend. It's more like a hurricane, which covers a certain area, and causing serious damage to the region's economy. The latter is then rapidly reduced to background disaster relief. Coronavirus stunned the world in the best case a few months, and the longer the pandemic, the more likely that the temporary difficulties develop into long-lasting problems.



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How to make money from home on FACEBOOK? Trading ideas for investors 30.03.2020 for investment in shares FACEBOOK Inc. (NASDAQ)

Technical Analysis of Stocks #FACEBOOK

The general trend of downward FACEBOOK shares. the resistance level 164.0 restrains buyers of shares FACEBOOK. The indicator Awesome Oscillator formed a bearish divergence, and the Stochastic Oscillator indicator shows overbought shares FACEBOOK Inc. Break of 154.50 will give the formation of the descending pattern is 1-2-3 within the overall downtrend FACEBOOK Inc.


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  • Asian indices are predominantly in the red zone
  • Oil prices resumed their downward movement


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First, a few words about the events of the past week:


- EUR / USD . Flights pair last week can be compared with the figures of aerobatics - at first almost vertical rise of up to 630 points, followed by a vertical height of 860, and now a new leap up to 445 points.

The reason for the sharp falling dollar steel several factors. The main - actions of the US Fed, which lowered interest rates to 0.25% and has launched a number of programs to support the US economy, pouring billions of dollars there and handing out money to its citizens. As a result of the Fed's balance sheet exceeded a record 4.5 trillion dollars, and economists estimate could even reach 6 trillion. As a result, US stock indexes flew up, S & P500 soared by as much as 20%, pulling for each other and a pair of EUR / USD - Investors reacted positively to undertaken by the leadership of the United States steps and began to turn away from the dollar as of the safe-haven asset, preferring more attractive to the time of assets.


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Laughter dumped tears. The main cause of the global recession became coronavirus, but when he was just starting to dissolve its tentacles throughout the world, stocks plummeting. Now, when the number of infected people is growing by leaps and bounds, S & P 500 marked a 20% increase in the three trading sessions. Those who look only to the chart, it may seem that the epidemic will save the world economy. Quite possible. Another week quarantine - and the mask will be my small. 



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Events today:

15:30 MSK. US: The main index for personal consumption expenditures


The forecast of the euro to the dollar EURUSD today 03/27/2020

The former head of the ECB proposes to write off corporate debt in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. According to Mario Draghi, countries need to increase public debt and private debt to cancel. Most likely policy in Italy and Spain will welcome such an approach, as both countries have a high level of debt to GDP (government debt + private debt), which is significantly exceeds 100% of GDP. Especially big problem in Italy, where debt has reached such proportions that it can not repay, and serve without external support difficult. Corporate debt relief will allow to restart the credit cycle. Since the last global crisis in 2008 Italy and Spain gained a significant amount of loans, and now it's time to reboot.

On the currency markets in New York and London, of which I spoke to this week, the situation with the dollar-denominated loans has stabilized and now to the subject does not make sense to go back. Consider the actions of the US Federal Reserve. Today, the US central bank will begin to redeem the bonds of US mortgage agencies. As part of the QE-4 operations will be redeemed securities worth 75 billion dollars. purchase plan for the next week the Fed has not yet sounded. What we have in the dry residue? Today forex players should not expect strong growth in the euro quotations. The market will consolidate in the psychological level of 1.1100.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1020 -1.1120



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While Rome burns, not only Rome, US stock indexes had a feast on the bones. Vzbodrenny scale monetary and fiscal stimuli S & P 500 soared to 20% of the March bottom level and pulled up for an EUR / USD. Since I announced a few days ago to break the resistance at 1,084 pair rose by 2.5 figures, and whether there will be! "Bulls" are full of optimism, seriously counting on the fact that the fashion for the dollar as the main asset of refuge in the past. Do a little early? 


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The approval of the US Senate, $ 2 trillion stimulus helped the US stock indexes mark the first two-day rally since early February. Dow Jones has managed to grow by 12%, which was its best dynamics since 1987. According to the estimates of the main economic adviser to President Larry Kudlou, taking into account the aggressive monetary expansion, the Fed, the total amount of aid the US economy suffered from the coronavirus is $ 6 trillion, or 30% of GDP . It significantly exceeds the $ 800 billion stimulus of Barack Obama in 2008. Unlike the previous crisis, the current is going to be more profound, but short-lived. Whether it is time to buy stocks?


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