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Main » 2018 » May » 29 » Work from home - a worthy dream?
Work from home - a worthy dream?


We have heard it many times before ... Dream market the Forex . I wake up, do yourself a coffee and go into the living room, turn on your computer and you trade a few hours a day. It sounds great, right?

Despite the fact that this dream is achievable, it is necessary to try. And yet, most people do not pay enough attention to the disadvantages of working from home (as they are).


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Although these factors do not have to stop you, you should take them into account before becoming a Forex trader working from home.

The lack of a suitable workstation

Do you think that employers like to pay for the office? Not sure. The fact that the offices to help us work better.

There is a big debate about whether to help office workers to focus on their work or distract them. I will not enter into a discussion about it, but I believe we can all agree with the positive aspect of the work in the office: relationships with people.

When you're a new man on the job, being in office is actually a good thing. You can daily learns from his colleagues, actively consult with your supervisor and to get useful contacts with people working in your field.

Given the fact that the number of freelancers working remotely and rapidly growing it offers an increasing number of coworking spaces worldwide. Check from time to time whether there are nearby places to financial sector employees.

Distractions - one more thing for which you need to follow when working from home. Believe it or not, but to have a bed a few meters away from the desktop dangerous (especially on rainy or cold days).

And yes, you can choose when to work on the Forex , but we all know that success needs constant. Are you ready to take the challenge and does not lay down to take a nap?


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Based on materials FFS






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1 mik  
Work from home really wants to probably almost everyone. Yes, and offers work at home in our time very much. For example, many organizations place classifieds for jobs at home, offering job seekers for example Calling customers. So working from home is not just a job currency speculator. Although the majority of novice traders is likely to work from home. 

Work at home, but at first it seems like a great opportunity to earn money without leaving home. But as soon as you have the opportunity to work at home, and then start all the difficulties.

Firstly, all of your home, at first very skeptical about this kind of work. After all, they mostly do go to normal operation. And since you like as well as work, but stayed at home, sort of like not working. Here comes the understanding that when you work at home, sitting at the computer, why then your whole family starting to have problems that can not be solved without you. You begin to pull over and not just because you're at home. And if you are still sitting at the computer, for them it will mean that you do not do anything, and therefore an urgent need to help everyone. 

Well, if your family all go to work all day, and the children to school or kindergarten. Then you have the opportunity to work normally at home. Very well, if it is his office to work, but that few can afford.

Another minus work at home, it is inactivity and lack of real communication. If you work a lot, you have to work at home day and night. Even if you work a little bit at home all day, in the afternoon free, but somewhere to go it is not very desirable, since such are already late. And so day-to-day office work and then gives communion with people and at least some some mobility while you go from home to work and back home. Of course all this can replace a little weekend, with walks and fitness, if certainly not lazy.

And probably the most difficult, it is like to work at home. You do not have bosses, you are your own boss, someone is likely to be difficult to force yourself to work from home. After all, the house is already full of other different things, and sometimes banal lazy, because you can enjoy a lie in, a cup of tea or something stronger. Comforting themselves with the thought that still go nowhere is not necessary, I work at home. Will there be enough willpower and perseverance, not to throw and force yourself to work? 

In the end of course work at home is on the one hand good, and work at home would many. But, not everyone is suitable occupation, and who is just going to be not able to do work from home and without the authorities stated.

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