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Main » 2015 » September » 26 » Wave Forecast for the week 28.09 - 02.10.2015: Euro Dollar continues correctional decline
Wave Forecast for the week 28.09 - 02.10.2015: Euro Dollar continues correctional decline

EUR / USD wave analysis and forecast of the euro dollar forex rate for the week 28.09 - 02.10: bearish correction continues.

The pivot: presumably at the level of 1.13.

Opinion: The euro dollar sales by the corrections below 1.13, with the aim of 1.0930 - 1.09. In the case of the breakdown level of 1.13, with the aim of buying 1.17

The alternative: Try a different level of 1.13 euro and strengthening dollar higher will allow the euro to continue to grow to around 1.17. 



Analysis of the dollar euro exchange rate: Presumably, formation of the correction under the second wave of the two senior levels, under which formed Double Zigzag wxy. Locally, apparently developing third wave y of 2, in which, apparently, ended the momentum as the wave (a) of y of 2. If the assumption is true, after upward correction (b) of y, couple will continue to decline to 1.0930 marks - 1.09. Critical to this scenario is the level of 1.13, a break of which will continue to grow a pair of marks to 1.17 - 1.20.




GBP / USD wave analysis and forecast of the dollar the pound for the week 28.09 - 02.10.2015: Correction of the pound the dollar is nearing completion. The pivot: presumably at the level of 1.5064. Opinion: Expected completion of the fifth wave (v) and buy the pair at the level of rebound 1.5064 for the purpose of 1.58 - 1.59. The alternative: Breakdown and fastening of the pound the dollar below 1.5064, allowed the British to continue to decline to marks 1.49 - 1.48. The analysis of the pound dollar: Presumably, formation of the correction of senior level within wave B of (2) which apparently takes the form of an irregular plane with developing the final wave c of B. Locally, apparently formed from the diagonal in the wave of B, within which is a development of the final fifth wave, the target calculated level of 1.5060. If the assumption is true, within the near future is logical to expect the formation of a price reversal and the beginning of growth in the wave With of (2).




USD / CHF wave analysis and forecast of the dollar franc on the week 28.09 - 02.10.2015: The probability of decrease in pair is maintained. The pivot: presumably at the level of 0.99. Opinion: Sales of the Dollar and Franc breakdown below 0.9664 with the aim of 0.9130. Alternative: Breakdown and strengthening of the dollar above the 0.99 franc, will allow to continue the growth of quotations marks to 1.0 - 1.10. Analysis of the dollar franc: Presumably, formation of wave C in the second wave 2 senior. Locally, most likely, the correction is completed as the second wave (ii) junior level, within which develops wave c of (ii). If the assumption is true, and the price not breaking critical level of 0.99, the pair will continue to fall to around 0.9130 in the third wave (iii) the expected diagonal in the wave S. start confirmation wave (iii) is the breakdown level of 0.9664.




USD / JPY wave analysis and forex forecast of the dollar, the yen for the week 28.09 - 02.10: The correction is completed, is expected to decrease in quotations dollar the yen. The pivot: presumably at the level of 121.25. Opinion: Sales pair dollar yen from corrections below 121.25, or on the breakdown level 119.20 for the purpose of 115.00 - 114.00. Alternative: Breakdown and fixing prices above the level of 121.25 will allow the pair to continue to grow, to marks 123.00 - 124.00. Analysis of the dollar, the yen:Presumably, formation of the triangle in the wave b of A of (4) the expected zigzag . Locally, apparently completed final wave (e) of b. If the assumption is true, in the near future decline in the pair will resume towards the estimated target 115.00. Critical to this scenario is the level of 121.25.




USD / cad Wave analysis and forex forecast for the week 28.09 - 02.10: Bullish pair resumed. The pivot is at 1.3015. Opinion: Buy a couple of corrections, above 1.3015 for the purpose of 1.35 - 1.3550. Alternative: Breakdown and fixing prices below 1.3015, the pair will allow further reduction to marks 1.29 - 1.28. The analysis of the course USDCAD: Presumably, formation of the upward momentum in the third wave of senior-level (3). Locally, apparently completed correction as the fourth wave iv of (3), and began the development of the fifth wave which appears at the first wave (i) will be formed as a diagonal. If the assumption, truly it is logical to expect continuation of growth of pair to marks 1.35 - 1.3550. Critical to this scenario is the level of 1.3015, a break of which would lead to a reduction in the level of a pair of 1.29 - 1.28.






The author analyzes - 
Alexander Geuta, 
treyder analyst LiteForex


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