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Main » 2018 » March » 14 » Real profit on Forex. What are the actual and reasonable income trader in the Forex exchange?
Real profit on Forex. What are the actual and reasonable income trader in the Forex exchange?


Establishing realistic goals trading income - is a difficult question because many factors affect the trader's income. All traders differ from each other, the reality is that most traders lose money trading the Forex on . The reason is that trading is tough and for success need a real effort and discipline.

It is also impossible to know what they are doing the best independent traders because few people reveal this information, but even those who give advice are not always able or do not want to tell the truth.


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We begin by looking at some of the independent public data on income forex traders available on the Internet.

How much earns a trader in foreign currency? The average annual salary of a trader in foreign currency is 166,461 USD. US as of March 31, 2017, the earnings range is generally from 130 000 to 194 728 US dollars.. However, this can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. Our team of certified specialists in compensation analyzed survey data collected from thousands of HR departments in companies of all sizes and industries to present the range of annual salaries.

But remember - it is the income of professional Forex trader who works for a company.

Currency trader work very hard to find, but you can try and get a seat at one with the companies, but I think it's better to work in the trades for you.


Earn on Forex investing :  Investing in the PAMM account - how to reduce the risks

How much can you earn by trading in the Forex market?

There is no limit to how much you can earn! You can earn millions of dollars. Anything is possible, so many people are trying to learn how to trade.

Wait! Exit profit from Forex trading - a difficult task.

Before you throw a lot of money on the trading account, it must be said that very few people get a decent trading profits. It is difficult and you have to be a master of commerce and discipline to earn a significant amount of money.

The actual calculation of the trading income.

So, let's calculate the actual figures on the profit potential. 
The first thing you need to understand - that when you have a trading discipline then you will be able to maximize profits, and the risk can be managed quite well. For most people, there is no trading discipline.

But for the sake of this article I am going to assume that you have a trading discipline and you can keep track of forex income. Risk Management Plan.

Best of all, you do not need a lot of risks to get a significant profit. Let me give you an example. 
Do you have an account in the 10 th. And you want to earn 2.5% per month in order to increase 30 per cent account per year. 
Now you decide that you risk only 1% of the account for the transaction. 

At a 1% risk of 10 ths., That is US $ 100, so you run the risk of only 1% at any time, and you could earn a 30 percent growth, without risking more than $ 100 at one time. 

Now there are a lot of numbers that you want to calculate, for example, some of your winnings, which risk factor for the award. Thus, scripts can go on and on forever.

In fact, you can increase your risk to 2.5%, or $ 250, and achieve their goals single transaction or perform our monthly goal of using the risk / reward ratio of 1: 1.

Forex income compared with an income property.

Compare this with a kind of real estate, where someone can take a lot more to achieve a 2.5% gain. For example, you can spend 100 thousand. Dollars or more to buy a house, and in the auction, you can earn 2.5% with a much smaller investment, opening by only $ 1,000. 

You could potentially earn 2.5% on one trading tick a lot more upfront money and time associated with investments in real estate. 

This is the only deal that you would have to do this month to get what you would get in property. The conclusion is simple - the Forex exchange such incredible potential that it can easily surpass the properties even at minimal risk.

I can not think of many investments that yield about 100% ROI per annum. Let's see how difficult it would be to do it with minimal to moderate risk management - it is 6% per month. If you are unsure of their profitability as a trader and are willing to risk, say 3% of your account on each trade, then with 1 rbl. At a rate of 1: 2, you can easily achieve this percentage with one transaction per month. 

Forex - a great investment if you do it slowly and focus on the long term. 

Trading is not easy, but can be successful if you follow the plan. 
You can actually earn a lot of money on Forex

In conclusion, if we are able to maintain a realistic look at Forex, then we will have more chances to set reasonable goals and maintain a profitable trading strategy that will bring us a steady income from Forex for a long time.





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