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Main » 2018 » March » 22 » How much earns trader
How much earns trader


How much earns trader

Beginners currency market , and the simple layman, there is a desire to know how much the trader earns. And it is not merely the sum, but a real trader's earnings. 

Here it is necessary to say at once that the earnings of foreign exchange player, a professional trader, should be evaluated not in a specific amount, it does not matter rubles it, pounds, euros or dollars. How much earns the trader a better look at the increase in% of the deposit for a month.


Trader: stages of gaining success


It is important to note that this consideration trader revenue income strife. A trader can earn once 100% of the deposit (if an increased risk is practically risking all their money), or to earn a little, but steadily. While reducing trade risks to a minimum. 

In the first approach a currency trader, which today gained 100%, the next day can lose everything that usually happens. Real income trader at another approach is risk management, good judgment, money management rules, the trader is not to rush to get a quick profit. 

Job trader - is the stability of earnings in the foreign exchange market. 

Do you think that a real trader's earnings from the deposit in a month? 

Possible answers:
100% 50% 20% 5% 2%

What percentage of the trader makes you think if your choice fell on the figures of 100%, 50%, and even if you think 20% of the deposit for the month is realistic, then you are very much mistaken. Apparently the information about the real earnings of traders you gleaned from inexperienced players exchange or  forex brokers enticing newcomers promise of fabulous profits. Of course there are also cases where a professional trader will earn per month 20% of the amount of his deposit, this is as real. New shopping next month, the same trader, properly managing capital can earn only 5%, and sometimes not only make money, but also to obtain damages, the amount of which determines its risk management systems. A professional real earnings on the foreign exchange marketfor the year, probably will not be 20%, but much less. 

Earnings Trader per month, depending on the amount of the loss to which the trader is ready. 

For example a player deposit of $ 100,000 trader is willing to lose $ 20000, that is 20% of the amount. In this case, the trader and the real earnings of $ 20000-30000 can. It is worth noting, in the event of a trader in the series of losses for several months, the state of his account would be lamentable appearance. And drain a player does not take long. If the trader is risking a small percentage of the deposit, it may be 2% to 5%, then it is better able to deal with the market, and the real income of the trader will be stable.

Therefore, the real earnings of major control and well-known traders on an annualized basis about 20-50% is something of 2-5% per month. Large amounts of capital simply does not allow them to ignore the capital management rules. They are dominated by sober calculation, understanding and analysis of trends in the market. Here's who should be new traders, rather than on those players who did not earn, and play, and lose not only their deposits, but often, and capital investors. 

Is it easy to become a successful trader ? If you come on the market recently, you need to understand that not every beginner can become a professional in the market. In order to succeed, many important psychological and intellectual factors. 

Earnings trader depends not only on the technology, strategies,, Plays an important part of trading psychology . Trader - is not an easy job, which occupies the major part of the work on the other. If you come on the market, or lead you to the promise of quick and high earnings, it's likely you have a little turn, and it is likely you should look for something more worthwhile to pay. But if you are interested in the work of a trader, you are not afraid of difficulties and willing to dedicate to this task their time and energy. Perhaps you will become a successful trader. 

Rules for beginners forex market

1. Trading expose the actual plans themselves. 5% - this is a real steady income trader. Do not try to earn some quick money - this is a sure way to drain the deposit.
2. Learn money management, do not break, and always unquestioningly follow, and obey the rules of risk management. 
3. Quickly and easily not have the money. No robots that consistently profitable . Robots consistently profitable only to those who sell them. 
4. Before you invest in the market ten times think, can the profession of trader, it's not your job.


It is important to know the trader:  How to choose a trading strategy





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