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Main » 2016 » November » 10 » Forex. Technical analyst, and the forecast for today 11.11.2016: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, GOLD, Brent
Forex. Technical analyst, and the forecast for today 11.11.2016: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, GOLD, Brent


Forex. Technical analyst, and the forecast for today 11.11.2016: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, GOLD, Brent

 Forex. Technical EUR / USD forecast for today 11/11/2016

Currency pair EUR / USD has stabilized the currency market on Thursday as fears about the uncertainty of economic and political relations with the United States coming to power of the new Trump replaced by discussions about inflation and stimulate growth economy.

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Current situation

On Thursday, the euro / dollar is trading under pressure, remaining close to recent lows in the first half of the day. The euro remained neutral during the European session, but the mood had some negative tone. After a sharp decline on Wednesday, the pair has found support in the 1.0990 area. Prices rebounded from this level back and a smaller portion of its losses, heading to a mark of 1.0950 during the Asian session. Buyers were not able to overcome this level, which limited the recovery of the pair. Euro spent the first part of the day near the 1.0950 level. The EUR / USD fell and broke through the 1.0900 level before the opening of the US session. Moving averages are moving downward on the 4-hour chart. 50-EMA-EMA 100 intersects the downstream direction on the same graph. Resistance is at 1.0900, support - at 1.0850. 

The MACD remained in the negative zone. The RSI indicator remained near oversold level, intending to move lower.


Forecast EUR / USD 11.11.2016

If you save the pair bearish, the EUR / USD continue to decline for the purpose at the level of 1.0800.



Forex Technical Forecast GBP / USD today 11/11/2016


The British currency fell under pressure against the background of reduction of "black gold". Negatively on the pair GBP / USD decline reflected the dynamics of trading securities in Europe. 

The current situation

GBP / USD pair has been neutral in yesterday's trading most of the day. The pound rebounded from 1.2400 level and lower back part of the losses of the medium, heading to a mark of 1.2500 during the European session.However, buyers were not able to continue to grow, the price turned around and went back to the support of 1.2400 in late European trading. With the arrival of US traders quotes sterling rose to 1.2500. Price tested the 200 EMA on the 4-hour chart. 200 EMA-made obstacle on her way up. Pair GBP / USD 200 is sandwiched between one side of EMA 50 and EMA-EMA-100 and - on the other specified time frame. All the moving averages are neutral. Resistance is located at 1.2500, support - at 1.2400. 

The MACD remained the same, indicating that the strengthening of customer positions. The RSI continues to consolidate in the overbought zone.


Forecast GBP / USD 11/11/2016

The pound pulled back slightly from oversold levels, but it is too early to talk about the continuation of growth. If the pair will continue the restoration, it may re-test the level of 1.2500. Reduction under the mark of 1.2400 will indicate a temporary weakening of the upward momentum and open the way to 1.2300.



Technical Forex Forecast USD / JPY today 11/11/2016


Stabilization of the markets after a volatile environment resulted in a return of risk appetite, putting pressure on the yen. The dollar was supported by the figures of the labor market and the resumption of talks on the growth rate in the current year. 

The current situation

USD / JPY pair is trading near the recent highs at auction Thursday. Prices rebounded from the level of 105.00 and headed to a mark 106.00, breaking the path of the level of 105.50 after briefly weakening during the Asian session. Sellers protect the level of 106.00, as the quotes rebounded from this level in any attempt to move higher. Bulls were still able to beat this level in early trading at the opening of the European market. After the breakdown of the pair was trading in an upward direction, breaking the 106.50 level and by testing 107.00 before the US session. The pair holds above the moving average on the 4-hour chart. Moving averages (50, 100 and 200) is rotated upward. Resistance is located at 107.00 and 106.50 support area. 

The MACD histogram has increased, which indicates the strengthening of customer positions. The RSI indicator is close to the overbought zone, intending to move down.


Forecast the dollar / yen 11/11/2016

After the breakdown level of 106.50 the pair may continue its upward movement to the level of 107.00. If the level of 107.00 will keep further growth, the price may rebound to 105.50.



Forex. Technical NZD / USD forecast for today 11/11/2016


New Zealand's currency pulled back from the highs in pairing with the USD, after it became known that the RBNZ decided to reduce rates by 25 basis points, to 1.75%, which is fully consistent with the forecasts

The current situation

on Thursday for kiwi day was negative. Sellers lowered the price after a brief consolidation in the area of 0.7300.The pair has broken through the 0.7250 level and has tested 0.7200 in early US trading. Prices broke through the 50 EMA and the 100 EMA and tested the 200 EMA on the 4-hour chart. Moving averages are rotated in a downward direction on the same graph. Resistance is located at the level of 0.7250, and support - at the level of 0.7200. 

Technical factors point to a negative background. MACD has decreased, which indicates a weakening of customer positions. RSI goes to oversold.


Forecast NZD / USD

market control in the hands of the bears. Strong bearish sent to the area a couple of 0.7200. Next Target will be 0.7150 level.


Forex forecast gold rate today 11/11/2016


On Thursday, the market dynamics of the currency pair has stabilized since it became known that the presidency in the United States took Donald Trump. Investors turned again to the risk that has led to lower demand for safe-haven assets such as gold.

Current situation

On Thursday, the pair XAU / USD traded mixed. Gold prices could recover in early trading and tested the level of 1290 dollars per ounce. Buyers were not able to overcome this level, prices rebounded down, breaking through the level in 1280 and continued to decline before the opening of US trading. Gold prices broke through the 200-EMA-100 EMA and the 50 EMA on the 4-hour chart. Resistance is located at 1270 support - 1260 dollars per ounce. 

The MACD has decreased, which indicates the position gain sellers. RSI is moving downward, which confirms the position gain sellers.


Gold Forecast 11.11.2016

bearish remain relevant. The most likely scenario is considered to be a further downward movement to the level of 1270. A close below the level of 1270 will allow further reduction in the area in 1260.


Forex forecast oil prices 11/11/2016


The pressure exerted by factors such as the oil of choice for the post of President of the United States Republican Trump and pessimistic report otMinisterstva energy, showed an increase in oil inventories. Renewed risk appetite contributed to the restoration of oil prices. The focus of investors OPEC meeting on November 30th. 

The current situation

At the auction on Thursday, Brent oil futures traded in the flat near the recent highs at $ 46.50 per barrel. Oil prices could not continue to grow as retailers protect a mark 46.50. Brent fell under pressure in any attempt to growth. Brent crude oil prices fell in the early US trading. Sellers lowered the price of the 46.50 resistance area to 45.50. Brent futures jumped down from the 50 EMA on the 4-hour chart. EMA 50 and EMA 100 move downward, while the 200-EMA neutral. Resistance is located at 46.50 and support - to 45.50 dollars per barrel. 

The MACD remained at the same level, which indicates the position gain sellers. RSI toward oversold.


Oil is forecast for today 11/11/2016

nearest Target vendors support level is 45.50. a break-down of the mark will enable further reduction of support in the area of 44.50.



Analysis of  Fort Financial Services

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