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Main » 2016 » May » 30 » Forex forecast for today 05/30/2016: Meeting of ECB rates - the main event of the week! Buyers hoping for Euro support!
Forex forecast for today 05/30/2016: Meeting of ECB rates - the main event of the week! Buyers hoping for Euro support!



 Forex. The forecast of the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) as of today 30/05/2016

In the currency market on Friday greenbacks quotes rose again to the European currency after revised data output dynamics of US GDP for the first quarter of this year. GDP growth according to the second estimate was 0.8% in the previous quarter, and based on the same period of 2015 economic growth rate increased by 2%, which was a very positive result.



New data showed significant increase in investment in residential real estate and the growth of personal consumption expenditures. Given that the European calendar of economic statistics in the day was empty, the advantage was at the dollar buyers. The euro / dollar is against this background activity is reduced, and passing in the course of trading the maximum level of the European session (1.12) 90 points, closing the week at fixed price level 1.1111.

The euro dollar today forecast the anticipated completion of this corrective decline in the price zone of 1.11 ÷ 1.1085, and then be followed by a reversal of the course of the single European currency for the upward movement to the target levels of 1.1128, 1.1150, 1.1175.

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Forex. Forecast exchange rate pound / dollar (GBP / USD) as of today 05/30/2016

GBP / USD, for 1 hour.

Sterling on Friday's forex trading resumed corrective decline on weak GDP data published yesterday. Besides greenbacks growth of quotations around the foreign exchange market increased the pressure on spectrum pricing dynamics of the pair.

However, the pound was able to resist the severe decline. Couple pound dollar received support from the UK published a report on the economic confidence of consumers in May. According to the report, consumer confidence rose in April after falling to a 16-month low. Against this background, influenced by the currency of the data showed a very moderate trend and, after falling slightly more than 50 points has fixed the close of trading on the price level of 1.4607.

Pound Dollar today forecast the anticipated completion of the current decrease in pair price zone 1.46 ÷ 1.4560, and then turn and follow the rise of the British currency to the target levels of 1.4637, 1.4667, 1.4690.


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Forex. The forecast rate of gold today

XAU \ USD, 4:00.

At the auction on Friday, the gold market was still under pressure, and in the early Asian session on the metal prices fell to around $ 1211.48 per ounce - the lowest level since early April. Attempts to "bullish" on gold resume growth nor to no avail. Quotes only short-term return to the level of the opening of trading $ 1222 per ounce, and then began to decline again, testing by the end of the day a new 4-month low at around $ 1206.63 per ounce. Buyers have become explicitly leave the market, closing long positions before the evening performance of Fed Chairman Janet Yellen at Harvard.

Fears of a rate hike in June and a new strengthening of the dollar remained the main driver of the downward dynamics of the gold price. And in a record-high levels of customer positioning in the market of precious metals such negative trends may remain and continue.

As of this morning near significant resistance for gold held by the level of daylight turn $ 1214 per ounce.

The breakdown of this resistance as you move up the metal will continue to rise to the following purposes - 1217 $, 1225 $ 1234 $ and 1238 $ per ounce.

Immediate support for gold is located at the level of the previous local minimum of $ 1206. If it is passed, then it becomes possible to further decrease the metal to target levels in 1201 $, 1192 $ and 1186 $ per troy ounce.


Gold forecast for today assume the completion of the previous decline, a reversal of quotations and increase the value of gold to the target levels of $ 1217, $ 1225 and $ 1234.

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Forex. The forecast for oil (WTI) for today.

OIL WTI, for 1 hour.

Bear "correction in the oil market, which began on May 26 was quite expected. Prices failed to gain a foothold above the key level of $ 50 per barrel, then began a regular decrease in prices.

Driver correction has become a number of factors and, above all, the reason the rapid increase in oil prices does not become fundamental factors, and temporary disruptions in oil supplies from Canada, Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela, which led to a decrease in US oil inventories.

In addition, a significant impact on the dynamics of prices and had a strike of workers of oil refineries in France, due to which the country's authorities have decided to print a strategic fuel reserves.

However, to date, the impact of all these factors start to wane, and the supply was resumed. In addition, sharply increased oil production in Iran reached dosanktsionnyh levels. It does not decrease as deliveries to and from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq and a number of other oil-exporting countries. Moreover, the possibility of limiting oil production at the upcoming June 2 meeting of OPEC in order to maintain an acceptable level of prices for hydrocarbons is practically zero.

Against this background, the market will become oversaturated, which reduces the likelihood of further price increases. In these circumstances, and started a price correction due to the expectation of a stronger dollar after the June Fed rate increase.

At the auction on Friday, oil prices continued to generate a corrective pullback, while remaining in a narrow sideways range near the previous day close.


Oil BRENT forecast for today alleged attempt to "bull" on oil again test the psychologically important resistance level of $ 50 per barrel and in case of breakdown to continue to rise to the target levels of $ 50.50 and $ 51.00. Here we expect to complete the recovery and corrective pullback of oil prices (Brent and WTI) to the key support level the $ 49 per barrel or below.

Also, do not rule out the probability of resumption of a downward correction of the current at the time of opening of price levels. Confirmation of such a scenario would be a break-down of the previous local minimum 48.68. In this case, in order to further reduce the levels of support will be the key $ 48 and $ 47 per barrel.

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Forex. news

The euro zone is to publish the business environment conditions indicator, as well as the May index of consumer and economic confidence in industry and services sectors.

Germany will publish the April index of import prices and consumer price indices in May.

France and Italy will present the April producer price indices.

France will release GDP growth figures for the 1st quarter.

In Spain will be released May consumer price index.

Switzerland will present the index of leading economic indicators for May.

Australia will report on changes in the April volume of home sales in the primary real estate market and the volume of the operating profit for the 1st quarter.

Japan to unveil the April retail sales data.

Canada is to publish the April price indexes for raw materials and producer prices.

In the US and UK today holidays - Memorial Day and the Day of Spring, respectively. Regional markets closed, the statistics will not be published.

On the same day, a statement by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis James Bullard.

For more information on the movement of currency in the market, please visit "" under "Research". We wish you a successful and profitable trades in the Forex market!

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