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Main » 2016 » March » 9 » Forex forecast for today 03/09/2016 Traders - buy EUR / USD in the short term!
Forex forecast for today 03/09/2016 Traders - buy EUR / USD in the short term!

Forex. The forecast of the euro against the dollar (EUR / USD) as of today 03/09/2016

The euro / dollar is waiting for the ECB meeting to be held on 10 March. This fact was caused by the low volatility in yesterday's trading session.



Slight growth dynamics in acceding to the trading of American players has been very short, and fixing a session high at 1.1055 triggered profit-taking on long positions and a reduction under the mark 1.1000.


The current dynamics of the movement, most likely, will also be relatively low, because at this stage consensus among market participants is not observed. Both buyers and sellers of the single currency is not yet ready to take decisive action.

If you assess what is happening on a large scale with a couple more, then there are good fundamental reasons for considering the formation of long-term downward trend in the near future. And it will contribute, above all, the European Central Bank. Negative inflation in the euro area is a fairly strong argument for the potential expansion of the quantitative easing program, and hence the growth in supply of the single currency.

The fact that the expensive euro is not beneficial to the ECB (especially in the case of conservation of the volume of redemption of Eurobonds at the same level), Mario Draghi can make recourse to the so-called verbal intervention. Such actions will help to stop the growth of the euro, will help stimulate the economy and pull the inflation of the negative zone.


The euro dollar is in the forecast for today : maintaining low volatility of the currency pair EUR / USD, which will provide an opportunity to trade within the price corridor, reducing the potential risks to a minimum. The level of support after the turn from which it makes sense to open long positions located on otmetke1.0930.

There is a small chance of breakdown at this level, the consequence of which will be to achieve value 1.0880.The key resistance level is close to the high of the previous session at $ 1.1060 per unit of the single currency.

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Forex. Forecast exchange rate pound / dollar (GBP / USD) as of today 03/09/2016

GBP / USD, for 1 hour.

Yesterday at auction in Britain currency adjusted within the framework of short-term upward trend. Achieving a session low at a value of 1.4180, apparently, was the starting point for the resumption of growth.

But despite the technical picture is quite clear - a reversal from the support level in the upper part of the trend - the "bulls" actions Briton is hardly decisive.

It is likely that investors stop the fundamental picture for the UK currency. First of all - this is a high probability of Albion from the United Europe. Macroeconomic analysis suggests that in the event of the UK from the European Union value of the pound against the dollar SShAupadet to 1.3000 or even lower.

Bank of England monetary policy relationship with prospects also undergone some changes. In the previous year were quite high expectations, and control officials have confirmed them with his rhetoric, the UK refinancing rate will be increased in the first six months of 2016.

To date, the majority of market participants doubt the possibility of tightening monetary policy this year.


Pound Dollar Today we expect the opening of the market in the area of the current levels and low volatility in the early hours. Publication of British Industry data can become a trigger for the resumption of full-fledged growth and move up to resistance levels 1.4280 and 1.4400. Significant support level is at znachenii1.4130.

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Forex. The forecast rate of gold and silver as of today 03/09/2016

GBP / USD, for 4 hours.

Since the end of the previous trading week, gold gradually forms a trade corridor, which go beyond the determination lacks neither the sellers nor the buyers of the precious metal.

The lower limit of the trading range at the level of support of $ 1260, while the increase in asset prices and limits on the local resistance maximum $ 1278.

From a fundamental point of view on the gold price affected by two opposing factors, which are the main cause of the technical picture formed.

On the one hand the growth of metal prices contributes to a significant reduction in imports in China, as a matter of concern with respect to consumption and causes exit from riskier Asian assets. As a consequence, the means to secure redirected classical and assets, especially gold.

On the other hand strong macroeconomic performance in combination with an increase in stock indexes characterize the US economy in a positive way, resulting in a high demand for the US dollar.

In today's trading session, we expect to save the current horizontal trend, as the fundamental basis for overcoming the upper or lower limit of the corridor, among the planned publications, is not observed.

Thus, the best trading strategy would be buying the precious metal after the turn of the level of $ 1260 and open short positions after the turn of 1278 $.

Price of an ounce of silver at the start of yesterday's US trading declined quite sharply, recording a session high of $ 15.33. However, further dynamics of trades was minimal, while maintaining a certain downward trend.

Today's trend rate in the first half of the day will determine the attitude of investors to the metal, which is currently tied to the state of Chinese stock markets.

With the start of trading on the west of the Atlantic a key asset in the pair will be the US dollar.

Today, according to the technical situation, it seems more likely continue to reduce the price of silver, which means that soon we will see the achievement levels of support for $ 15.30 and $ 15.15.

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Forex. news

On the economic calendar, the environment at the center of investors' attention will be decision of the Bank of Canada and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's key interest rates and the accompanying statement to the solutions. The changes are not expected, betting regulations will remain the same: Canadian dollar - 0.5% New Zealand Dollar -2.5%. In addition, monetary policy report will be published and will be a press conference of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Significant attention of the market will cause British data for industrial production and production of the processing industry in January, as well as the evaluation of the growth in GDP over the past three months, including reporting. Australia will submit data volumes of mortgage and commercial lending. Japan will report on changes in the volume of orders for equipment in February.  and these figures will be published in the United States: mortgage lending index for March, changes in the wholesale trade volume and the volume of stocks at the warehouses of wholesale trade in January, as well as data in gasoline inventories, crude oil and distillate from the US Department of energy.

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