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Main » 2016 » February » 17 » Forex forecast for today 02/17/2016: "Brit" - another failure!
Forex forecast for today 02/17/2016: "Brit" - another failure!

Forex. The forecast of the euro against the dollar (EUR / USD) as of today 02/17/2016

In the forex yesterday, the euro once again tested support around 1.1120, staying in the middle of the consolidation range 1.1130 - 1.1190. The reason for stopping the decrease in quotations, which is likely to continue today was a positive value of the index of business expectations of the European Union. It should be borne in mind that this fact probably will not have a long-term euro support. 




US macroeconomic data - the number of building permits issued and the producer price index (PPI) for January could put pressure on the euro dollar pair. Serious hesitation is not worth waiting, and the output of FOMC minutes at 22.00 Moscow time, can reveal additional details that will better predict further Fed action to tighten monetary policy.


The euro exchange rate with the dollar today in the forecast: At the time of publication likely increased volatility. Any hints on specific dates to raise rates will put pressure on the euro, the dollar, therefore, the breakdown level of 1.1120 we can expect the return of quotations to the upper limit in the range 1.0950 January.

Excessive concern about the current economic performance in front of the euro will spur buyers, and we can return to a local extremum in the region of 1.1350.

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Forex. The outlook on the pound / dollar (GBP / USD) as of today

GBP / USD, for 1 hour.

Yesterday, the British currency trading forex rate fell more than 150 points. Reduced prices below support level 1.4300 was caused by the release of a record release of weak inflation in January this year. Quotations decrease by 0.8% compared with the previous period is a factor that causes market participants to question the short-term prospects for economic growth Albion.

As stated by a single member of the Bank of England, until recently voted for a rate hike, the reason that forced him to change his views and to vote against monetary tightening, became weak wage growth and inflation.

Today, in the United Kingdom is expected to yield labor market data, which includes information on changes and wage. That is, attention is concentrated on the market participants in this publication.

The pound against the dollar today 02.17.2016: Weak statistics serve as a catalyst for the continuation of the fall of the British currency to the nearest support level 1.4180 area. Achieving this mark and the opening of trading on the western shore of the Atlantic will be decisive for the direction of further movement of the course.

Continued decline will open the possibility of testing the level of 1.4100 is already on today's trading. If the level of 1.4180 would be seen by the market as favorable for the opening of long positions, in which case we will see a return to the values ​​of 1.4250 and 1.4350.

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Forex. Gold price forecast for today 02/17/2016

XAU / USD, for 4 hours.

Yesterday at auction, the price of gold showed a mixed trend. The growth of quotations in trading in Europe and securing the session high of $ 1215 was replaced by a decrease in trading in the United States, returning to the market after a three-day weekend.

A consequence of this trend was the formation of a technical picture that is equally likely to suggest a continuation of the downward correction and return to the upper trend.

Rate of gold today: Today at the auctions, the market will wait for a trigger, which can be regarded as defining the direction for the movement in the near future.

If so significant fundamental factor is not there in the first half of the session, in this capacity, he will definitely be able to perform on the open market the US Federal Reserve published minutes of the meeting of the Operations Committee.

Rising above the value of $ 1220 will signal the resumption of growth and will open the possibility of re-achieving local maximum $ 1260.

While descent below $ 1180 would signal unwillingness of investors to buy gold this stage. This will trigger a further fall in the price of $ 1150 per ounce.

Forex. Forecast Silver today 02.17.2016

XAG / USD, for 4 hours.

Silver closed due to the low volatility of the previous trading session virtually at the level of the opening, expanding the boundaries of several horizontal band to the support level 15.10 and the resistance below $ 15.40 $ on top.

Course of silver today in the forecast: In today's trading in the Old World, we expect preservation of low driving dynamics and low probability beyond the designated boundaries.

US traders are likely to add dynamics price. This will help overcome one of the designated levels and thus indicate the direction of movement in the coming period.

Growth above resistance 15.40 $ will buy signal with the target at a local maximum $ 15.90, while the decline in support for $ 15.10 - a clear allusion to the high probability of further decline to the level of $ 14.60.

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Forex. news


On the economic calendar, the environment at the center of market attention will be the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve on interest rates.

Significance and such factors as: the producer price index for January, the volume of building permits issued and the number of bookmarks of new foundations for housing under construction.

Considerable interest will also cause the British report on the labor market, including: number of applications for unemployment benefits; the dynamics of job seekers; the unemployment rate in the country (the previous figure - 5.1%); change in the number of employees and changes in the average wage level and the weekly wage. Japan is to publish data in orders for machinery and equipment.

Australia has come indexes of leading economic indicators. The eurozone will report on December's construction volume changes.

Canada and the United States will present the volume of transactions with foreign securities and the volume of purchases of long-term US securities by foreign investors.

And in the United States will be published in February index of mortgage lending, changes in industrial production and the production of the processing industry in January.


For more information on the movement of currency in the market, please visit "" under "Research".

We wish you a successful and profitable trades in the Forex market!



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