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Main » 2015 » November » 9 » Europeans support the euro according to the survey
Europeans support the euro according to the survey

According to a survey conducted by the Statistical Service of the Eurobarometer, the majority of inhabitants of the European Monetary Union believe in favor of the euro - so consider more than 60% of citizens of the eurozone. A year ago the figure was 57%. At the same time in the euro harm to their economies sure 41% of Italians, 10% of the population of Cyprus and 33% of Belgians and Dutch. These figures suggest that a united Europe is much stronger than it seems at first glance.



Initially, the euro zone economy was conceived as a competitor to the United States and the euro - as an alternative to the dollar. These objectives are, of course, have been achieved only partially. The US and the dollar in the global economy have retained their leading positions. In Europe, the single market for goods, services and capital. The euro area has gone through several crises and has proven its strength. Now, no one doubts that the problems of sovereign debt of southern European countries are resolved, and none of the problem countries will not leave the eurozone. Greek history was successfully completed. Of course, from the creation of the euro area, first of all, we won the major economies, such as Germany and France. Their businesses have won in the competition and increased their sales by making the economy of the southern European countries in the consumers of their goods and services. It should also be said that the ratio of the euro - this including the attitude of Europeans towards a united Europe as a whole. Although the problem of migrants and high unemployment, we see that the Europeans are satisfied with their present and future.

For Russia entering the euro also became a plus. The main Russian exports go to Europe, and now for its exports to Russian companies get a second reserve currency in the world. Some Russian exporters placed debt securities denominated in euros. It should also be noted that the successful launch of the single European currency is a great example for Russia and its partners in the Eurasian Union. The release date of the Eurasian currency Altyn not clear. However, with European experience, to introduce a single currency will be much easier. With high probability, as in the case with the euro, appears first cashless currency, and only then the cache. However, Eurasian Central Bank is unlikely to be a major economic force, as the European Central Bank.Its decisions are likely to be taken unanimously by governments or heads of national banks of the Eurasian three - the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In this key role in economic policy will play decisions of national governments, not the Eurasian monetary regulator, which is scheduled in Almaty.

So in conclusion, next year, with high probability, we will see parity in euro / dollar. The rise of the Fed rate will definitely slow and smooth, but play a role. This strengthening of the dollar is beneficial and the US and the EU. A strong dollar allows the US to maintain capital market attractive for investors. After all, US bonds and US stocks traded in dollars. A weak euro will play in support to European exports, especially Germany, which will help revitalize the European economy.

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