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Main » 2018 » March » 6 » Effective Forex Trading Strategies
Effective Forex Trading Strategies


Effective Forex Trading Strategy

Trading on the foreign exchange market is simply impossible without the systematization of the sales process. Any Forex strategy implies a set of simple rules that if they do not guarantee a profit, then, at least, greatly increases the likelihood of receiving it. In this case, the practice of trading shows that it is often the most effective Forex trading strategies are most profitable.

Trader : Intraday Trading Strategies


Experienced traders will sooner or later create their own effective schemes. But if you are just trying to learn how to better take advantage of already proven strategies set forth long-term practice.

Top 3 Simple and Effective Forex Strategies


The strategy of "Lok-flip"

"Lok-flip" - simple and almost win-win strategy, making it possible to profit from both the increase and the fall in prices. Work on such a scheme, in principle, constantly allowed, but the best moment is considered to be the beginning of the London session. Apply appropriate to currency pairs, characterized by a constant trend movements. For example, EURJRY, GBPJRY or GBPUSD. 

When the transaction for the purchase, change the position of a stop order into two orders Sell Stop (previously mentioned) of the same size that was previous deal. This will effectively take advantage of a pending order. In this case, one of them will serve as lokiruyuschego, and the second - to target a profitable trade.

If a trader is selling deal after triggering of pending orders need to raise the opening price plus a couple of orders Buy Stop. Such a move would allow a price change in the opposite direction to protect themselves from a situation of accumulation of losses. 

ATTENTION! Choosing an odd number of orders, as paired orders are lokiruyuschimi, and the last - for profit. 

With the game on such a strategy it is very important to have a decent sized deposit. Otherwise, too high a risk of closing the stop-out. Remember that the risks in this case should not exceed 0.01 percent of the amount bid, the amount of which is $ 100. 

Strategy «Forex Ultra Filter»

Raise money in Forex will help, and incredibly simple, but well-functioning strategy «Forex Ultra Filter». This scheme is designed successful punters, who was able to increase the size of your deposit up to six times in just one year, specifically for the currency pair AUDUSD. Trade using this strategy should timeframes on H1 and H4 by the indicating signal. When working on H1 need to put a stop loss 70 pips and take profit of 210 points (three times higher). H4 timeframe suitable for those traders who do not have the ability to be constantly online. 

Entrance to the selected transaction should be carried out in a time of change in the indicator color (from red to blue and vice versa). Out transaction typically occurs when a reverse indicator signal.

Despite the fact that the selected strategy is a high probability of losing trades line, it's still interesting. Only one competent deal is not only able to neutralize all the losses, but also bring profit soundly. 

«Hedge Hog» 

Learn to earn in Forex trader and the novice will use quite a simple system called «Hedge Hog». Trade principle in this case is based on a simple postulate - the price (under any circumstances) may not always move in the same direction. And the trends of the market law are always setbacks.

The system is used for the currency pair EURUSD. The bottom line in this case is as follows: immediately after the closing of the daily candle trader opens one warrant to purchase one and for sale. If the broker does not give its clients the possibility of hedging positions are allowed to open in the opposite orders of different trading accounts. Next, everywhere that in all positions, you need to set take profit of 12 points. Most often, the closing of the transaction is realized on it, eventually attain to the level of profit plus 24 points daily. When the transaction is not closed for two days for take-profit, it is better to do it by hand, despite the fact that the money in the Forex will be lost. To compensate for losses will be at the opening of the subsequent orders double lot.


Interestingly trader :  How to choose the right trading strategy to work

Strategies similar to this, armed with real professional traders. With many such schemes can be found without problems, studying thematic Internet resources. But remember that any professional trader one must come to develop their own effective strategy.


Exchange professional :  $ 5,000 for trading



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