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Main » 2019 » April » 8 » Cooperation between Europe and China strengthened despite the US position
Cooperation between Europe and China strengthened despite the US position


Confirmation of the close and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Europe in the field of diplomacy and the industry is the so-called multi-polar transformation. This can prevent even excessive US opposition. 

After another visit of Xi Jinping on the territory of Europe the world once again understands and deduces the axiom that everything becomes clear, that where States dominate all gets paint pluralism and multi-polarity. Europe was in the central part, because it is surrounded by Russia and China, but despite this, it still does not miss a mutually beneficial relationship with the United States. 





Such large countries like Germany and France, but also Great Britain engaged in Providence, the so-called commercial policy, which aims to integrate the introduction among the Eurasian supercontinent. For example, in 2015 for the United Kingdom it was significant because it was in the role of the states in the West, who got in touch with the Chinese-Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. This financial institution is engaged in funding allocated for a project known as "One way in one zone." 

Put into practice it began in 2014. Its main task was to conduct trade integration among European and Chinese not only on land but also at sea zone. It is important to take into account the fact that in the project attended the same intermediate state. 

Trade consolidation - is to reduce the period of delivery of needed goods by sea or railway tracks. For implementation in the life of this project, the construction of the port will be held, railway lines, introduced the technology infrastructure, which will be based application 5G technologies developed by Huawei. 

With Beijing have formed closer ties in France and Germany. In the period from 1987 to 1985 Paris cooperated with China firmly enough. Proof of this is the contract with the China General Nuclear Power Group and the Airbus, but also numerous companies China Aviation Affairs.  
Over the past three months, Italy has decided to participate in the BRI. Reinventing Government seeks to legalize all through the signing of a memorandum with such ambitious countries like Rome and Beijing. These actions are aimed at preserving the relationship among Washington and Beijing in certain aspects. 

Similarly, an action plan for Germany, it focuses on close cooperation with Russia, in particular the question of the activities with the "Nord Stream-2". Washington with their pressure will not be able to influence it. Germany and Italy are entirely ready to fully trust Huawei, they are planning to do traffic management 5G, because the world is now fully absorbed the Internet, and it is clearly a serious trump card. 

US media controls and the fact that Italy, France and Germany have decided to continue to work closely with Russia and China in many ways contrary to Washington's position. All aims to ensure that Europe has changed its attitude and renounced ties with these countries. 

For America, it is unclear why so want to be closer to the East. With Italy clear. The people of this country believe that BRI will allow them to boost production, which in recent years is suffering from the devastation. The basis of an agreement between Beijing and Rome include business sphere related to the exportation of goods from Italy. It is important to remember about the energy potential, that is, follow the action in this field in Germany, because it is closely cooperating with Russia on the issue of "Nord Stream". 

Despite the fact that Washington is trying to impose on all their points of view, Berlin maintains its energy plan. US planned that everything will be in their well-planned plan, that is, we are talking about LNG supplies at prices well above the proposed Russia. 

There are plenty of inconsistencies between Macron and Salvini or European officials and May. But what to say, Merkel and Macron can not come to a common agreement in the energy issue. As a result, considering all the position of the country, united in order to get rid of the severe grip of Washington and apply for a multipolar world.

States do not plan to get upset or act against the conditions of the North Atlantic Treaty with Washington. That there are many supporting factors, but due to the fact that the Beijing Daily rapidly leads in the technology, capital and other things, globalization can not be avoided. 

Barriers still exist and it is the state, which is closely related with the Atlantic strategy. There are those who wish to put in place Moscow and Beijing and to call for the proceedings Washington. 

The Baltic states led by Poland seek to realize an excellent opportunity for the majority of countries. Due to such actions will be possible to influence the debate associated with the activities of the East.  

Artificially specially created numerous crises in countries such as Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela. They aim to ensure that the leaders of these countries were separated and then the easier it will affect their cooperation with the East. 

The main danger that lies in the US, is close connection between such global giants as Berlin, Russia and Beijing. This intricate triangle is ready to challenge such large-scale country like America. 

The Center on Globalization in China working Wang Yiwei, during Xi Jinping visit to Rome the expert said: "Given the large-scale plan of interaction 16 + 1 with the East and Europe, the majority of Heads of State decided to seal their signatures memoranda with China to further cooperation on the BIS issues. This took 16 countries participated. In relations aimed at the BIS, 171 treaty among 123 countries signed, in addition participated in this large-scale project, and 29 organizations. " 

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