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Main » 2016 » June » 27 » Brexit - Rubicon 21st century
Brexit - Rubicon 21st century



Brexit - it is a choice between globalization and sovereignty.

Now much has been written about the economic consequences Brexit. It is projected to increase volatility in the commodity and currency markets, a change in the configuration of the world financial flows and the related gain or loss of one or another of the world centers of influence, calculated possible losses in Britain and the EU, changes in the consolidated Western policy towards Russia and the Ukraine, etc ... All this is very important, however, is secondary, despite the obvious impact on the current political and economicsituation.



In my opinion, more important than another. For the first time to get an objective confirmation of the current problems of the world economic model.

The universality of economic development, multiculturalism, the primacy of the profit as a measure of the efficiency of the development of social institutions - all doubted. And, characteristically, questioned the ancestors and an active participant in this model, alma mater Anglo-Saxon world - the United Kingdom. From this it is difficult to simply dismiss, writing off for economic or political "immaturity" opponent, as is commonly done for the countries of the "third" world and the emerging economies. It is impossible to explain the opposition of political systems, racial theories that operate various degrees of drive and "historical stages of development" ... The blow came from where least expected. Stab in the heart.

The model of globalization in its current form «made in USA» - the vertex of the Anglo-Saxon world expansion, questioned.

And it's not just how consciously, aware of the long-term global consequences voted ordinary Britons. I think many people do not much think about it, in terms mainly dissatisfaction with the current situation in the migration and social policy of the authorities. Serendipity nation as a social organism is manifested through the "collective unconscious." It's such a defensive reaction, opposes the self-destruction of society, which is the base of national identity based on cultural and moral concepts of good and evil, is often rooted in the dominant religion, or if you wish for justice. The most obvious example of such public manifestations - patriotism.

And note that sometimes nations make their conscious choice in favor of patriotism and sovereignty despite the "economic viability" and the preservation of their own level of current well-being. The British have confirmed this, what should cause profound respect for them, and this is especially important given that, objectively, the Anglo-Saxons -The most serious geopolitical Russian opponents.

Also it became apparent split of elites who could not or did not want to influence the outcome of the referendum administrative force. In other words, for all the "classics": "leaders do not want, but the lower classes can not live in the old way." There is a revolutionary situation. And there she was in the process the cradle of Western civilization.

I think in a hundred years, when the world will live a completely different world paradigm in the history books, describing the beginning of the 21st century, one of the main events will not collapse in the Arab world and in Ukraine, not war in the former Soviet Union, not to fight with the LIH in Syria, as a referendum in the UK to leave the EU, marked the beginning of a transition to a new world order.

Everything else, in spite of suffering and sacrifice, it is not sad, but a prelude call. All that will happen, both good and bad - by the construction of a new world political and economic development model. History does not know the concept of equity. It is important historical landmarks. This milestone will Brexit - Rubicon 21st century.




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