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Main » 2016 » September » 5 » And if the gold was?
And if the gold was?



On one of the analytical resources of the German news was published - Deutsche Bank is unable to execute a request for the supply of gold to the Gold-the Xetra - on AMarkets materials.




Xetra-Gold - a very interesting tool for investing in gold. Terms of service Xetra-Gold imply the right investor for the delivery of physical gold, which the investor owns. The big bonus - the investor does not pay a commission or some extra cash for metal transport and other costs associated with its delivery. Roughly 1,000 of debt securities issuer Xetra-Gold today and in 20 years, they will be evaluated in one kilogram of metal. Investors have the right to demand the supply of gold to the extent that sootvetstvuyuet face value of bonds issued by the issuer. Since the beginning of Xetra-Gold in 2007, investors have used this right 900 times, seizing 4.5 tons of real gold. If the metal delivery for some reason impossible, the investor is entitled to demand payment of the monetary equivalent.


Yet in all this scheme, there is a company Umicore AG & Co. KG, which provides a process for the physical delivery of the metal. The main source of gold with all of this - Deutsche Bank. Xetra-Gold - roughly speaking, the stock tool (ETC), and DB - the bank that provides the whole process of a physical, real metal. Against the background of low interest rates the company's offer and Xetra-Gold seems to be very attractive. In the first seven months of 2016, the amount of orders reached a value of € 1,5 billion The total volume of Xetra-Gold's assets today -. € 3,5 Bln.


But is and, in fact, just to get their hands on the gold? A man (GodmodeTrader nickname) made an attempt to get their physical gold from the accounts of Xetra-Gold. Investors sent the application to the Deutsche Bank, and, in short, did everything according to the instructions. And here began complexity. Employee Deutsche Bank has sent the client a reply that, well, the service is no longer available due to some changes in company policy.Roughly speaking, the physical gold against the Xetra-Gold bonds more can not be obtained. It's quite a sharp turn and the unfavorable conclusions. Chief among the findings - Deutsche Bank waives the obligation to deliver the metal despite all the safeguards that have been specified in the contractual conditions of Xetra-Gold. The bottom line - Xetra-Gold is no not exclusive, and another hocus pocus with the "paper gold" (read - fooling naive punter). "Paper gold" in the market many times more than physical. And it is unlikely in the foreseeable future it will be possible to see the stock market a tool that will provide the investor a real supply of the metal. Fools do not.


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