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United States dollar was unable to continue strengthening, which increases the risks of further development of the downward trend.
Views: 965 | Added by: mik | Date: 30.03.2012 | Comments (0)

Thursday's influence, mainly economic statistics. Weak data from the eurozone and Britain supported the dollar in the first half of the session, and the disappointing outcome of the economies of States gave him the "green" in the second part of it. In a dispute with Jena buck was the loser almost the whole day, as market preferences were on the side of the Japanese currency against the repatriation of financial flows in the Country of the rising sun ". As a result the bucks finished the day with a small "a" against the euro and the pound and Yen losses. The publication of the latest assessment of the economy for the United States 4-y quarter 20011, showed increased at the fastest rate for a year and a half, but previous results are not revised.
Views: 1137 | Added by: mik | Date: 30.03.2012 | Comments (0)

Technical analysis and Forex prediction for March 30, 2012

EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar went to correction. At the current moment the pair tests the strong level of support-1.3285. Here is the lower bound of the ascending channel. You can consider buying euros with a close stop. The overall objective is growth area 1.3510. An additional signal for purchase is an ascendant trend RSI. The completion of the formation of the correction and the beginning of growth falls on 30 March at the 6:0 in the morning. On small timescales are also fully met goal adjustment downward. Increase volume purchases a pair of stands with probitiem level 1.3320. The cancellation option will break through the bottom border of the growth and fall pairs below 1.3220.

Views: 1159 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

最近的宏观经济统计数据没有多少为所欲为的投资者。这些审查过程往往要比分析师的预测。异常不会成为和昨天。所以,最糟糕的预测原来 4 季度和美国耐用品订单是英国的 GDP 数据。然而,最大的恐惧现在是的中国,哪里有迹象更深层次的经济放缓超过预期。对中国经济的"硬着陆"的担忧将具有重大的压力对商品货币 (澳大利亚、 新西兰和加拿大美元)。反过来,欧洲单一货币,展示了令人瞩目的抗跌能力。在欧元区,以及可能出现的问题,他们从西班牙的债务融资与衰退的预期欧元不施加压力。

Views: 1335 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

Recent macroeconomic statistics not much pleases investors. These reviews tend to go a little worse than the predictions of analysts. The exception does not become and yesterday. So, the worst predictions turned out to be the British GDP data for 4 quarter and orders for durable goods in the United States. However, the greatest fear now is China, where there are signs of deeper economic slowdown than expected. Fears of a "hard landing" of the Chinese economy will now have a major pressure on commodity currencies (Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars). In turn, the single European currency has demonstrated remarkable resilience. The euro has not pressured expectations of a recession in the euro zone, as well as possible problems with financing their debt from Spain.
Views: 1024 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

German politicians, while already a note verbale support problematic countries in the periphery of the eurozone, and encouraging them to "tighten the belt", however, recognize that different growth rates in various EU economies "will occur.

Despite the fact that "bears" in the bidding on Wednesday was forcefully reaffirm its ambitions, the outcome of course evrovalût they turned out to be rather modest. So, after the wave of sales in the second half European and early American session during evening trades "evrobykam" has been integrating their efforts bring about levels of courses evrovalût start the day.

Views: 990 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)


In the current dynamics of the pair EUR/USD, there are a lot of remarkable. First, on Wednesday, it was impossible not to notice that we have not seen any significant strengthening of the dollar, despite the sizeable fall in the market shares of the United States in a moment and Europe. All this, in our view, could be due to the fact that investors continue to be impressed by the performances of b. Bernanke earlier in the week in the United States, fearing the QE3. In the short term or to FRS 25 April such sentiments may have risks growth EUR/USD 1.35 area, however, we would be reluctant to bet on this idea, believing that the euro is weak.
Views: 993 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

Traders raising position per dynamic growth, began to withdraw from the market after prices were unable to overcome the psychological barrier. In addition, pressure on gold have had concerns about the physical demand. The market is almost entirely absent Indian buyers, because retailers India staged a strike in protest against increase of tax on the importation of gold. Indian Jewelers said that will continue the strike until the decision to increase taxes on the importation of gold would not be cancelled. However, as reported on Tuesday, Finance Minister of India, the Government is not going to change anything. Another factor reducing the price of gold has become weaker in other markets, in particular, lower prices for oil, copper, as well as American and European shares. At the same time, the United States dollar strengthened, which have negatively affected the dollar-gold denominirovannom.
Views: 977 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

United States dollar to consolidate their positions, but this has not reduced the high probability of the weakening in the short term.
Views: 1076 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

At the session on Wednesday trades resembled the previous day event spread, but with more marked preference to the shelters. The dollar rose slightly against the euro, more significantly on the pound, and lost day dispute yen. I.e. There was a picture of a typical situation where a growing risk aversion. Obviously, the theme of the next phase of quantitative easing in the United States, relayed by the market after Bernanke earlier in the week, had exhausted itself completely, and new benchmarks in the market. Why more couples tend to stay within the ranges and trading results noticed only minor changes in prices as a result of the day-transient bursts of activity are called news of the fundamental plan.
Views: 1041 | Added by: mik | Date: 29.03.2012 | Comments (0)

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