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Today in the United States is, Americans celebrate the holiday of independence day, so all locations closed. Therefore, any sudden movements is not expected. Meanwhile, for EUR/USD, the situation remains very good. On the one hand, the debt crisis in the eurozone, on the other hand, the growing risks chilling economic States. If the current trend will be continued, as early as next year, the American GDP could begin again. In other words, the ghost of recession once again towered over the United States.

Here is the IMF already beat the alarm. In a published report, Christine Lagarde urged us politicians to overcome their differences in order to avoid the simultaneous expiration of a number of tax concessions and reductions in government spending that together can lead the economy to a new wave of downsizing. Congressmen have still not been able to reach a consensus on taxation policy and cost optimization for next year that puts business in a very difficult situation when it is not clear how much tax you pay starting in January.

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 从技术的角度来看,以上马克 1600.00 测试耐突破再一次打开了门,还得到了 1640.00 100 天 SMA。克服将继续增长到 200 天 SMA 1700.00 抗性。加强应对秋天再度跌破 1600.00 预期的下行风险。这大概测试 1520.00 1530.00 的大力支持。

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It is expected that the European Central Bank meeting on Thursday will reduce a key interest rate. The Bank of England on Thursday could make a statement on the expansion of the program to purchase bonds. This will probably become a signal for the FED to begin its programme to stimulate. A similar scenario is positive for gold, as many investors buy the metal to hedge against inflation, which can be amplified against the backdrop of easing monetary policy. At the same time, if the expectations associated with stimulating, unfounded, metal can suffer serious losses.
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这对夫妇是稍低于 1.2600。每日图表肢体劳损是中立区。从这里,您有以下选项用于进一步发展的情况:
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 United States dollar still manages to retain the position, despite the high probability of further easing.


Rice. 1. daily schedule
The couple is a little below 1.2600. The daily chart'S RSI is in the neutral zone. From here, you have the following options for the further development of the situation:
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Gold prices rise on Friday showed 3.5% after EU leaders announced plans that the eurozone support fund will be able to spend recapitalising banks directly, but the European Central Bank will be the sole authority of banking supervision in the region. However, investors started to think about whether these measures have an immediate influence on the European banking system. Also have reported that the Netherlands and Finland intend to block the adoption of some points of the plan. In addition, the published data showed a further decline in global economic activity.

 In particular, the purchasing managers indices fell in the eurozone manufacturing sector and a similar Institute for supply management index signaled the United States slowing activity in the industry. Combined with technical factors, this has led to a slight weakening of the metal because the drop in economic activity does not involve the growth of inflation, and the metal is actively used by investors to hedge against inflationary risks.

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United States dollar, while unable to save positions, but the likelihood of further weakening remains high.


Rice. 1. daily schedule
The pair is trading around 1.2600 stamp. The daily chart'S RSI is in the neutral zone. From here, you have the following options for the further development of the situation:

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货币对欧元兑美元将继续下行通道中移动。秋天的总体目标是 1.2090 领域。目前对作为一个人物,继续形成每日图表模型"的头和肩膀"上。信号的销售将突破 1.24 成对的水平。可被视为激进卖从当前的水平。该选项取消将以上 1.2750 欧元的强劲增长。有一些应变的 1.25 的空头头寸的量的增加。额外的信号测试的销售阻力水平是相对强度指标。

外汇交易技术分析和预测 25.06.2012 欧元/美元、 英镑/美元、 美元/瑞士法郎、 澳元/美元、 美元兑日圆
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EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar continues to move through descending channel. The overall objective of the fall is the area of 1.2090. At the moment the pair formed on the daily chart model "head and shoulders" as a figure to continue. Signal to sales will break through the level of 1.24 pairs. Can be considered aggressive selling from current levels. Abolition of the option will be the strong growth the euro above 1.2750. Increase the amount of short positions is with some strain of 1.25. An additional signal to test the resistance level of sales is the relative strength Index.

Forex technical analysis and prediction for 25.06.2012 EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY
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欧洲宏观经济直到它正面照。继续在 6 月和失业率下降,欧元区的商业活动仍然不够高。这样,第二季度的统计数字将是相当弱,在消费领域这种低等待经济的复苏是非常困难的事情塑造。让我提醒你在第一季唯一积极统计是能够拉动德国欧元区进入的技术性衰退。现在这幅画是根本上是不同的。

制造业活动在德国属于最快 3 年,其中将添加到德国经济不可能承受当前的泛欧洲经济大萧条的担忧。上周四,再一次将会举行的会议将会讨论的另一个问题就采取行动的欧洲央行理事会的降低关键利率。在目前的情况下很可能,欧洲央行将不得不采取这一步骤,因为否则欧元区夏季暴跌只可以加速。

失业已成为欧元区的主要问题之一。泛欧洲指数是 11.1%,这是自 1995 年 1 月,当开始记录以来的最高值。此外,在欧元区,但德国、 工资增长几乎不会发生更多罢工的零售业。现在将添加到在一些陷入困境的国家,主要是在意大利,提高税收,我们得到相当黯淡。小型和中型企业破产案的数目。

年轻人 (25 岁),失业率为 22.6%(全部在意大利和西班牙一般在 50%以上),这也使南欧国家当局正在试图进行改革向年轻的公民的劳动市场的情况变得复杂,这是容易的工作。 这是特别是真正的意大利,裁员发生特别困难的程序雇主。 上周,经过数月的辩论中,议会批准的改革但将它说什么结果难。

欧洲首脑会议引发了活跃市场的积极反应。欧元兑美元就在几天添加超过 250 点。不过,我们已经看到,如此迅速的增长,在相关的新闻通常很快就化为泡影。毕竟,如果你想一想,是不会找到解决办法。这项政策一直积极反对问题,但肯定不挣扎及其原因的调查。1300 亿欧元,花在基建项目的数量上不大可能从根本上改变这一局面。

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