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 Bidding last week began a strong gap against the dollar. However, eccentric home not ported their aggression to the subsequent turn of events. Most of the last coldest 5 days took place in a lacklustre trading as investors held back amid expectations of emotion results in Greece. The news concerning this event, as well as the desire to lock in profits were the main driving force. The dollar fell against the euro rather slowly, as for the pound and the yen traded in a narrow range. Under strong pressure against the GBP and the Japanese currency hit the green on the last day of trading, apparently because the Bank of Japan has not lived up to expectations and was not declared at its meeting to expand the program to mitigate, and "cable" was chosen as the most reliable European currency on the eve of important events.
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Market participants expect increasing action of world CENTRAL BANK keeping liquidity and stimulating growth. First of all it concerns the FED because the economic data from the United States continue to indicate a slowdown. Submitted on Friday the FED manufacturing activity index-New York sharply declined, while industrial production declined. This increases the likelihood that already during the forthcoming meeting of the FED has announced the commutation. Along with this, ECB President Mario Draghi hinted that the Central Bank was ready to intervene and assist, if such action would be required. According to him, the CENTRAL BANK will continue to fulfill its mission to provide liquidity to solvent banks under the bail.

 In addition, the Bank of England announced the launch of a scheme of financing for lending, which he would offer banks cheap loans on the condition that they would continue lending. An increase in the probability of action by the Central Bank reduces the risks associated with the lack of liquidity, which basically and have put pressure on gold. The CENTRAL BANK's actions pose a threat to inflation and depreciation of paper currencies, which also stimulates buying gold as a hedge. However, the obstacle to the growth of prices on Friday remained uncertain about the future of Greece in the euro area, as many investors had expected volatility at the beginning of the new week and prefer to refrain from making purchases.

Views: 663 | Added by: mik | Date: 18.06.2012 | Comments (0)

United States dollar decline has accelerated, and this trend is likely to continue in the near term.


Figure. 1. daily chart
The pair grew up in District 1.2700. The RSI of the daily chart is in no man's land. From here, you have the following options for further development of the situation:
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EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar continues to move in the formation of the reverse model. Quotes have tested critical level, but were unable to penetrate a maximum of 1.2680. At the moment can be seen selling the euro with a close stop. The situation with the development of the downward movement in the pair euro-dollar has not changed. To increase the volume of short positions is recommended with probitiem level 1.2440. The cancellation option will increase the euro above 1.2670.

Views: 746 | Added by: mik | Date: 15.06.2012 | Comments (0)

As planned, the market has crafted another model RI as clockwork. Goal accomplished. Continue forward to the Z-shaped structure to describe TV on continued growth. The purpose of 1.2800. Under the left arm forward to maximum or minimum 1.2615 1.2590. And here's how to pick market-will look at the structure of the falling of the first left-TV.

Технический анализ на 18.06.2012 EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY

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On the eve of the EUR/USD pair again went to the growth, despite the mounting problems in the eurozone. This became the American labor market. According to the United States Department of labor, the number of hits last week for unemployment allowance was 386 k. Previous statistics was also reviewed in the negative side. Employers freeze recruitment of new staff, and there are several reasons for the situation in Europe is growing, as well as the ambiguity of tax next year.

However, due to the almost uncontrolled growth of interest rates on Spanish bonds more investors begin to withdraw their capital from the eurozone. Put yourself in the place of the average investor. On the one hand, full political uncertainty in Greece, where on 17 June parliamentary elections are scheduled, on the other — exponentially recession in Spain. Is it the position of Berlin, where upërtaâ are attempting to implement some structural reforms, although the current situation is already an emergency intervention in the economy.

Views: 732 | Added by: mik | Date: 15.06.2012 | Comments (0)

EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar as a whole moves in accordance with the forecast. At the moment there are risks of downward movement. On the daily chart of the index values of the relative strength of met resistance in the form of a descending trend line. Expect a rebound from current levels. Also on the četyrehčasovom chart of the pair a razvorotnaâ model "head and shoulders". To fine-tune the model supports area 1.22. Can be considered aggressive selling euros from current levels with a stop above 1.2640. Increase of short positions are encouraged to probitiem level of 1.2430. The cancellation option will be the strong growth the euro above 1.2670.

EUR USD Euro Dollar "
Views: 765 | Added by: mik | Date: 14.06.2012 | Comments (0)

The market continued its growth. REA model began to rise in 1.2640. Today may decrease to 1.2540 continue developing momentum in the third wave. Further consolidation is expected and the formation of the TV under the refinement of 1.2800. This is conditional. A TV will give the level to which local enterprises and to increase the main waves.

Views: 690 | Added by: mik | Date: 14.06.2012 | Comments (0)

Despite the impending repeated parliamentary elections in Greece, which will be held this weekend, the degree of intensity is progressively shifting to Spain. It has become known today that the results for the first quarter housing prices fell 12.6% year-on-year. Against this background, the yield on the 10-year Spanish bonds reached 6.96%, which is an absolute record. If everything will continue at the same pace in the coming months the Government could be cut off from the debt markets.

Growth of yield on Spanish debt resulting from the country's downgrade by Moody's on three levels down to the level of Baa3. Below this level is the level that is defined as "trash" for any sovereign bonds. Its Eurobonds issued by the Pyrenees, and so was not a model of reliability, but now, with an a rating, they are really vysokoriskovannymi. In Moody's separately noted that did not exclude the need for Spain finpomoŝi already in the foreseeable future.

Views: 1297 | Added by: mik | Date: 14.06.2012 | Comments (0)

We continue to believe that long-term downtrend to 1.15-1.20 will be continued in the EUR/USD by the end of this year, but in the short term would originate, including that the euro might grow if regulators will be able to at least relax the debt crisis in Europe. On any substantial correction in EUR/USD we'd just talked until such time as, on the basis of one or more trading days will pass resistance 1.2625/50.
Views: 720 | Added by: mik | Date: 14.06.2012 | Comments (0)

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