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EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar probitiem to test the 1.3050-1.3170 area. At the current moment the pair tests the probituû line descending channel. You can consider buying euros from current levels. Stop in this case hide below 1.3080. To growth is the area 1.3285. To increase the volume of long positions is only probitiem-1.3175. The cancellation option will drop pairs below 1.3050.

Views: 848 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Today at 13:00 GMT will be released of the meeting of the Governing Board of the Bank of Canada. Any major movement in United States dollar/Canadian dollar, which often acts as a leading indicator of market sentiment ...

During the European session on Monday, finally, was rising significantly drop in price correction during Friday's trading. However, during Asian trading "bears" all the same dodavili courses to new local minima.

It should be reminded that one factor enhancing "bearish" activity during the bidding last week were the fears of escalating debt crisis in Europe. While at gunpoint on international debt markets are speculators paper Spain and Italy to fourth and third of the eurozone economies.

Views: 748 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Despite the fact that the support of the temptation to 1.3000/50 EUR/USD at the start of the week, the overall trend for the euro continues as top-down, and the current situation in Europe seems to us more than deplorable. The latest of the new phase of the strengthening of the dollar United States we would have waited for the meeting FED 24-25 April, on the basis that this time markets will not receive from the Central Bank of any clear signal to launch QE3.
Views: 812 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

The focus of many investors now Spain. Growing fears that attempts to establish order in the country would not work. Against this background, the cost of borrowing to Spain rose to the December highs, and the cost of insurance against default has reached historical highs. In such circumstances, Spain may seek assistance from the EU, but the EU is clearly not enough resources for its salvation, which could lead to default and the crisis in the financial system in the region. These fears are forcing investors prefer cash and as a result, selling a wide range of assets, including gold. The metal remained under pressure despite a weakening dollar United States experienced during the second half of the global session, which usually leads to an increase of quotations.
Views: 673 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

United States dollar lost some of the conquered positions, prospects are uncertain.
Views: 738 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Start of trading Monday had been successful for the US currency. The dollar continued to strengthen against its European "opponents" amid new concerns about sovereign debt in Italy and particularly Spain where yields of loans increased to Maxima, surpassing the mark of 6%. However, the European session the situation in the foreign exchange market began to change, as a spread event intervened technical factors provoked "Baks" sales on strong levels of support/resistance, and information from the European political fundamental plan. Most active pressure on the US currency was at an American session after disappointing comment on štatovskoj economy.
Views: 828 | Added by: mik | Date: 17.04.2012 | Comments (0)

EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar strong movement down broke the level 1.3030. On smaller timescales is top-down model to the field of 1.2945. Can be considered aggressive selling pairs of short stop. The cancellation option with the fall would be a growth of quotations above 1.3050. Euro falls further from current levels is unlikely to be worth it. Values of RSI on četyrëhčasovom schedule approached the level of support. Therefore, as soon as the price level of punches can be seen buying Euro 1.3050.

Views: 752 | Added by: mik | Date: 16.04.2012 | Comments (0)

The seventeenth week of the year on the macroeconomic data is not particularly rich.

On Monday will release American data on retail sales. It is expected that sales excluding automobiles will grow by 0.6% m/m and the gross sales by 0.4%. Sales are in the positive zone, which could not fail to please the American Governor. It's on one side. On the other hand, is concerned about high energy prices. And this affects the moderate growth of retail sales compared to the previous month.

Views: 836 | Added by: mik | Date: 16.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Strengthening of the bears ' moods during Friday's trading has changed the market picture in favor of resumption of the medium-term. However, the final conclusions may be made only by the results of trades on Monday-Tuesday ...

Friday activity "bears" recalled the events in the mid of the previous week, when the sellers led to a pivot point calculations formations and stronger downward tendency. So, it should be reminded that the first "wake-up call" called for "evrobykov" from Beijing. Data from the people's Republic of China, published in the Asian session, showed lower than economists had expected growth of the economy of China. Thus, the index of GDP in China in the first quarter, with an average forecast of + 8.3%, + 8.1% rate.

Views: 801 | Added by: mik | Date: 16.04.2012 | Comments (0)

There is no reason not to wait for further development (continuing) the long-term downward trend for the EUR/USD rate decrease and this year in the area of 1.15-1.20. In the end, the entire news von last two weeks shows us this:

·         Fed. «Quick» FED in early April has dispelled rumours about QE3 in United States and, with it, have led to increased uncertainty in the markets that could ultimately mean a deterioration in the situation with an appetite for risk (further increase pressure on equity markets, which may inadvertently not to wait for the monetary support of the Fed), as well as to the strengthening of the dollar amidst the changing expectations about the United States CENTRAL BANK policy. If you develop the idea that FedRezerv is an evil for risky assets (S & P500, Copper, EUR), it is quite possible that the next meltdown markets receive under 24-25 April, when there will be a meeting of the United States FEDERAL RESERVE.
Views: 777 | Added by: mik | Date: 16.04.2012 | Comments (0)

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