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The US currency continued its growth and in session on Wednesday, supported by the impressions made by the publication of FOMC minutes. However, this time the Green only firmed against European majors. Against the yen the dollar was sold most of the trades and recorded less as a result of the day-the currency of Japan once again became popular as a refuge in the face of the sharp decline in willingness to take risks. In addition, the dollar helping strengthen good data on their own economy and continues to market the disappointing makrostatistika of the euro area. Investors welcomed the report by ADP on the evolution of jobs in the private sector in March, which has shown an increase of better prediction.
Views: 591 | Added by: mik | Date: 05.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Technical analysis and Forex forecast April 5, 2012

EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro/dollar broke down "Triangle" shape. At the moment we see the refinement of the model. The purpose of refining the shape is positioned in the area of 1.3120. At the time chart of the pair a top-down model, with the overall objective of implementation at the level of 1.31. Expect a correction to the level 1.32 pairs, where can be seen selling the euro. An additional signal for the correction of the test is the ascendant trend RSI. Based on the price structure of the euro should not be ruled out and the growth of couples with the current levels pane 1.33. From where to expect the continuation of the fall of the euro.


Views: 623 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Oil futures fell in price on Tuesday after the Federal Reserve System (FRS) United States published minutes of their last meeting, pointed out that the heads of the Central Bank hardly have expressed enthusiasm about additional measures to stimulate. minutes of meeting of the open market Committee, the FED HAS held 13 March, have not demonstrated willingness to begin new purchases of bonds or other new programmes. These programmes are aimed at stimulating the economy and also tend to weaken dollar United States. "
Views: 553 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Yesterday's publication of the protocols of the last meeting of the FED'S United States could be "the last is given indicating", after which the currency markets, finally to begin large-scale sales ...

"Bears" on Tuesday were very convincing. The signals indicating a renewed downward trend in major currencies, have started to be viewed during Asian trading. So, one of the first bearish sentiment in the markets identified the British pound, which in the past three weeks, showed the best performance in the major currencies.

The fundamental background supported strengthening of sterling, because in the first three months of 2012, there has been growth in all sectors of the British economy. These figures, according to data from the enterprises of the country, reflected the 8000 in its quarterly report, British Chamber of Commerce.

Views: 631 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

United States dollar rose sharply, and in the short term this trend could be further developed.
Views: 618 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

The main theme in the market remains the question whether the stimulate the next stage in the United States or not, and protocols indicated very little enthusiasm by members regarding the additional purchases of bonds or other new programmes to sustain the economy. Gold prices usually benefit from easing monetary policy the FED because it reduced the value of paper money, increasing the demand for assets such as gold. In addition, the FED'S policy of soft can trigger high inflation in the future, leading to purchases of gold, as a means of hedging against such risks. However, as expectations of easing monetary policy through unconventional measures to decrease losses, gold. In addition, the United States dollar buying triggered protocols on the exchange market, which is also a negative factor for gold, ensuring the additional downward pressure.
Views: 520 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Most of the time the market has continued to demonstrate minimal protests Tuesday trade in ranges, and the reason for that, now, was waiting for information from the Fed. Projections of FOMC MINUTES of the last meeting of the protocols, which were to be subject to American session, not waiting for the emergence of new information, but, however, investors were cautious positions, fearing the emergence of a "minutkah" hints at the beginning of the next QE. As expected, the protocols did not bring anything new, but the dollar showed massive growth. Obviously, this can be attributed to the fact that the FED raised its forecast for inflation and GDP, and this rascenilos′ as a transparent allusion to the less likely to increase quantitative easing.
Views: 584 | Added by: mik | Date: 04.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Technical analysis and Forex forecast April 4, 2012

EUR USD Euro Dollar "

Currency pair euro-dollar continues to move in accordance with the forecast. At the current moment is "triangle" shape. Price tests the bottom edge of the model. You can consider buying euros with a close stop. To increase the volume of purchases from probitiem level 1.3385. To refine the shape of the triangle is a region of 1.3515. The cancellation option will drop pairs of 1.3265 below.

Views: 725 | Added by: mik | Date: 03.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Growth rates of major currencies in the first half of the day was then Active sell-off. Today, the situation could happen again-a pivot point calculations-tales ...

Monday is known as "heavy day". So, yesterday's trades fully confirmed this, which has long been familiar, stamp. It should be reminded that on the background of the abundance of important information, yesterday's trading was very dynamic, amplitude within days of fluctuations in the rates of the major currency pairs yesterday mostly exceed 100 points.

Views: 585 | Added by: mik | Date: 03.04.2012 | Comments (0)

Euro/dollar is still trading in a range -1.3400 1.3250. Moreover, yesterday once again attempted to break through the upper bound of the range and again it failed. Published yesterday, the macro-economic data had a limited influence on the dynamics of the forex market and could only support the already established at the time of their publication. A long stay in a narrow range increases the chance of a serious movement to break this range. This week there are two events that can lead to a breakdown of the current range.
Views: 576 | Added by: mik | Date: 03.04.2012 | Comments (0)

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