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The pessimism associated with the situation in the euro area, as well as frustration for further Fed action pushed investors to the selling of the metal. Reducing the rate of inflation in the U.S., the eurozone and China also undermines the position of gold, because it makes it irrelevant anti-inflationary properties. Remain sluggish and physical purchases. As a result, the gold on Thursday reached a two-week low.

 From a technical point of view, while the metal is trading below $ 1600.00, it will remain under pressure and seeks to test the strong support 1520.00-1530.00, which will open the way to overcome the further decline to around 1450.00. Improving the situation for gold is expected only in case of reverse consolidation above the 50-day SMA and the mark of 1600.00. This will enable further growth to the 100-day SMA, then the Resistance 1640.00, further to the 200-day SMA and the resistance of 1700.00.

Views: 718 | Added by: mik | Date: 13.07.2012 | Comments (0)

The situation around the U.S. dollar has not changed, and it continues its upward trend.


In Fig. A. The daily chart
A pair of short-term fall below 1.2200. In this daily chart RSI is far from being oversold. Hence, the following options for further development of the situation:
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等待信息从美联储的继续市场波动乐队,并指示在周三会议。出版物引起的只有短期市场反应对美元有利。不过,大幅加强"Baks"对欧元和英镑快速中断,而当日交易这些对已关闭几乎开幕的价格。耶拿绿色同录得稳定的收益。很明显,原因是价格的"štatovskie trežeris",而这些证券的收益率意外的下降。议定书 》 的最后一次公开市场委员会会议的内容指出委员会的成员不排除采取适当的措施,如果经济复苏的步伐将会比预期更糟的可能性。

 委员会认为经济复苏是温和的但数量的经济指标暗示复苏的步伐是低于预期。文档的整体基调显示,美联储不急着去开始新一轮定量宽松政策,它失望的投资者,引起尖锐,但不是长久的美元增加。因为它是内中预测外贸逆差经济,昨天,公布什么优秀没有表现出,美国的数据可能会降至 486 亿 8000 万。针对 506 亿美金。以前,当看到 48.7 亿预测。美元贬值,股票在美国批发公司可能的增长,但也略高于预测的 0.3 %m / m,凡的期望都增加了 0.4 %m / m · 冯 · 与关联新闻今天不会富裕得多的市场将失业救济金可能主要应用程序的当前数据将减少 4 k.达 37 万和 6 月的联邦预算的数据预测,建议在 1090 亿中看到出现赤字。后的 1246 亿美金。在上个月。很显然,市场仍将疲软波动以来,市场是什么新鲜事,事实上,听到的新闻和背景直到结束一周不准备输出信息能力的行动。

Views: 832 | Added by: mik | Date: 12.07.2012 | Comments (0)

Awaiting information from the FED'S continued market fluctuation bands and directed at the session on Wednesday. The publication caused only a short-term market reaction in favor of the dollar. However, the sharp strengthening "Baks" against the euro and pound quickly interrupted, and day trading these pairs has been closed for almost the opening prices. The same with Jena green recorded a steady profit. Obviously, the reason for this was an unexpected fall in the price of the "štatovskie trežeris", which yields of these securities. The content of the Protocol of the last meeting of the FOMC noted that members of the Committee did not rule out the possibility of taking appropriate measures if the pace of economic recovery will be worse than forecasts.
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 从技术角度来看,查找下面的下行风险 1600.00 点和测试的金属强旨在支持 1520.00 1530.00、 克服其中铺平道路至 1450.00 元。黄金的改进,预计仅在反向安装 1600.00,略低于 50 天 SMA 比高。这将会继续上升到 100 天 SMA,然后抵制 1640.00,至 200 天 SMA 和 1700.00 抗性。

Views: 912 | Added by: mik | Date: 12.07.2012 | Comments (0)

The downward pressure on gold is a low propensity to take risks against the background of weak expectations about a new round of incentives in the United States. Submitted on Wednesday, the FED's last meeting protocols, reiterated that the CENTRAL BANK was not inclined to further monetary and credit easing. FED leaders were divided in opinion on the timing and the need to further stimulate the economy, which has so far ruled out the possibility of launching a regular program of buying bonds. This puts pressure on gold, which is widely used as a hedge against inflation, which can lead to quantitative easing.

 From a technical point of view, finding the below points to the downside risks 1600.00 and aims at testing the metal strong support 1520.00 1530.00, overcoming which pave the way down to $ 1450.00. Improvement for gold is expected only in the case of reverse mounting higher than 1600.00, slightly below the 50-day SMA. This will continue to rise to the 100-day SMA, then to resist 1640.00, further to 200-day SMA and resistance to 1700.00.

Views: 705 | Added by: mik | Date: 12.07.2012 | Comments (0)

United States dollar continues to get an advantage and remains in uptrend against most major rivals.


Rice. 1. daily schedule
Lower pair continues. The daily chart'S RSI is far from oversold levels. From here, you have the following options for the further development of the situation:
Views: 644 | Added by: mik | Date: 12.07.2012 | Comments (0)

市场继续"坐收渔利"现场。上周二主要货币对组成的乐队,但这次有更多倾向于美国的货币。很明显,有关禁令在 ESM 欧洲基金和雅典已经没有足够的钱和希腊政府将坚持修改条件的紧缩,报告的发布的德国宪法法院的决定的恐惧不安的投资者,并导致愿意承担的风险水平已经较低的垮台。与财政部长会议的西班牙支持共同货币的积极成果会议消息都没有。美元兑欧元和英镑略有坚定,但对日元下跌。以不同的方式定向的动力学美国表明美国在 6 月已大幅下降的小型企业中的信任级别的经济数据,NFIB 的报告表明乐观情绪指数跌至 91.4 p 94.4,自去年秋天以来,此值是最低。

 不满由于股市下跌信息直接到 3.0 版本是增长明显放缓的迹象。同时,数据从蒂普 IBD 宣布 7 月份的美国消费者有更乐观的经济及个人金融展望经济乐观指数 7 月玫瑰状态到 47.0 来自 46.7。今天经济统计数据将会公布不多 — — 贸易平衡美国 5 月份减少赤字为 487 亿。从 $ 501 亿和批发贸易与五月至增长放缓库存的数据从 0.4 %m / m + 0.6 %m / m。不过,中央事件的一天会的联邦公开市场委员会的最后一次会议协议的出版物将试图弄清楚的问题 — — 什么是未来的经常方案的缓解市场的反应。宜进修辞学的最后一次美联储的高层管理人员,现在的问题是不相关的,似乎要某种程度上反映了预期的文件,将支持美元。

Views: 963 | Added by: mik | Date: 11.07.2012 | Comments (0)

 The market continues to "hunker down" on the spot. On Tuesday major currency pairs were formed bands, but this time have given more preference for the American currency. Apparently, fears for the decision of the Constitutional Court of Germany concerning an injunction at the launch of the European Fund of ESM and reports that Athens had not enough money and the Greek Government will insist on revising the conditions of austerity, upset investors and led to the downfall of the already low level of willingness to take risks. Message with the meeting of the Ministers of Finance of the positive outcomes of Spain support the common currency have not had. The dollar firmed slightly against the euro and pound, but fell on the yen. Data on the economy differently directed Dynamics-United States demonstrated a level of trust in the small business United States in June has dropped significantly, the NFIB's report showed that optimism index fell to 91.4 p 94.4, and this value was the lowest since last fall.

 Unhappy with the information because of market falls directly on the 3.0 was evidence of a significant slowdown in growth. At the same time, data from the IBD/TIPP announced that United States consumers in July are more optimistic about the State of the economy and personal financial Outlook-economic optimism index for July rose to 47.0 from 46.7. Today economic statistics will be published not much – trade balance United States for may are reducing the deficit to 48.7 billion. from $ 50.1 billion, and data on inventories in wholesale trade with slower growth in May to + 0.4% m/m from + 0.6% m/m. However, the central event of the day will be the publication of the protocols of the FOMC's last meeting will try to figure out the market response to the question – what is the future of the regular programme of mitigation. Judging by the rhetoric of the last time the FED'S top managers, the issue now is not relevant, and it seemed to somehow reflect the anticipated documents, which would support the US currency.

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 主要结论或外汇交易和其他金融市场上周二的结果是"秋千"再次转向风险,同时保留"紧"的情绪和随后的折旧欧元/美元一年 1.15-1.20 地区欧元风险偏好与形势的恶化。

·意大利总理 Mario Monti 周二说他不能排除事件时他的国家可能需要从现有的 stabfondov 钱的情况。原则上,只要产量的意大利 10 水龙头 (5.92%0.15 %10.07.12) 每件事我们是不是信号,但欧元施压很可能这种评论,尤其是当你考虑保存周围西班牙相当困难的情况。

 ·德国宪法法院不能尚未评估货币贡献的德国在欧洲的 stabfondy,使它的合法性,并清除将采取共达 3 个月。加上德国政府官员对一些问题,我们将返回与可能的政治分歧,在欧盟相关的风险仍是那么僵硬立场。

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