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 On the  Forex  Euro jumped up against the U.S. dollar on Thursday  after Spain announced new austerity measures in the budget for 2013, which increased the hope for a possible provision as financial assistance. Spain reported cutting back on the amount of 40 billion euros (51 billion dollars), including plans for harnessing social security fund. The authorities are also committed to reduce the budget deficit to 4.5% of GDP next year. 

 After an initial fall to a new two-week low of 1.2828 against the new budget, Spain, the euro / dollar rebounded and finished the New York session at 1.2913 against 1.2873 late Wednesday. 

The euro strengthened against the fact that some investors thought the new budget a step toward a possible treatment in Spain for financial assistance, which activates a new plan for the purchase of bonds of the European Central Bank (ECB), which aims to support troubled countries in the eurozone. 

"Spain does not want to ask for help if there are additional terms and conditions of the ECB, so it is hoped that this budget will be enough to get by", since Spain has already implemented austerity measures, says Daniel Katsiv, a currency strategist at Credit Suisse in New York. 

Views: 951 | Added by: mik | Date: 28.09.2012 | Comments (0)

The immediate goal for the correction in EUR / USD, we continue to consider the support around 1.2730 (38.2% Fibonacci Retracement of the growth rate from 1.2040 to 1.3160), although we are also seeing increased risks of depreciation of up to 1.25 (61.8%) and 1.26 (50%) .  

The downward correction that began in the EUR / USD is not last week, going on than can now contribute to a number of factors, in particular, the continuing uncertainty around Spain, uncertainty about the effectiveness of QE3, and the generally negative flow on the global economy, including the lowering of forecasts profit multinational companies such as FedEx and Caterpillar.

The immediate goal for the correction in EUR / USD, we continue to consider the support around 1.2730 (38.2% Fibonacci Retracement of the growth rate from 1.2040 to 1.3160), although we are also seeing increased risks of depreciation of up to 1.25 (61.8%) and 1.26 (50%) .  
Views: 672 | Added by: mik | Date: 28.09.2012 | Comments (0)

In the absence of the "bull" external reasons for the rebound EUR / USD could be sold in order to 1.274

In the basic pair of the date hereof and dried reason for selling, and the reasons for the upward correction, but the one and the other may appear during trading on September 27. Today, the markets to be explored and a new plan to reduce the Spanish government spending, and statistics on the U.S., and data on consumer confidence in the eurozone. If in a fit of optimism strikes 1.295 euros, will increase the probability of rising to 1.312. 

 Current week was a very quiet in terms of news and macroeconomic. Sensations in the euro / dollar is not and will not be exactly as long as the market or did not see the first effects from the ESM and redemption of bonds (which is impossible, as we know, without a formal request from Spain), or not yet disappointed in the timid steps ECB towards the anti-crisis package. Here it is possible to wait for the same response that provoked Charles Plosser on the eve of the U.S. program for QE3. Skepticism and irony there look in the right place, because monetary policy is only explained that a third round of easing is totally different on the basis of the second and first.

Views: 625 | Added by: mik | Date: 27.09.2012 | Comments (1)

 外匯 -  歐元兌美元失去了取得了在週二晚上  走低,相比以前的閉幕會議上,歐洲央行的一員後,延斯·魏德曼說,許多成員央行的債券購買計劃提出質疑。此外,在西班牙的張力增加,緊縮措施減少。 






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 FOREX -  Euro lost scored against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday night  and was traded lower as compared to the previous closing session after a member of the European Central Bank, Jens Weidmann said that many members of the central bank questioned the bond purchasing program. In addition, the reduction in Spain contributed to the increased tension regarding austerity measures. 

 On Tuesday night, the euro / dollar was trading at 1.2896 on EBS system against 1.2931 at the close of trading on Monday. The euro traded in a relatively narrow range amid low trading volume for most of the session before the fall. 

Weidmann, who also heads the central bank of Germany, said he, "of course, not the only" at the ECB who doubts to bond purchasing program, the launch of which was announced earlier this month. Under this program, the ECB will buy sovereign debt on an unrestricted basis within the framework of a broader program, under which the European Union will also purchase bonds and provide financial assistance to countries in need of support. This potentially reduces the cost of borrowing. According to Weidmann, the country cope with the high cost of borrowing in the past and they will again be able to do it temporarily. 

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 FOREX -  Euro fell against most currencies on Monday amid weak economic data in Germany  and the uncertainty as to whether Spain will appeal for financial assistance. 

The index of business sentiment in Germany, which is calculated institute Ifo, dropped the fifth consecutive month to 101.4 in September against 102.3 in August. This raised doubts about the strength of the German economy, the largest in the eurozone. 

 Last week, the euro / U.S. dollar exceeded 1.30 after the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve bond purchases submitted plans. However, investors gradually shifted to the weak state of the European economy. 

"The level of 1.30 is difficult to hold, and the euro do not seem to find support above it - it continues to decline," - said Fabian Eliasson, head of foreign exchange sales Mizuho Corp. Bank in New York. He is selling the single currency at 1.30 dollars and not buy at current levels. 

Market participants are also waiting for Spain to ask for help. This is a necessary step for buying Spanish bonds the ECB. 

Views: 790 | Added by: mik | Date: 25.09.2012 | Comments (0)

希臘在歐元區逐漸再次成為一個主要的問題。在歐洲央行宣布恢復激情西班牙各地逐漸消退的歐洲債券贖回方案。目前,10年期國債成交在馬德里的年利率5.7%,顯著低於7%左右,幾個月前。為了平息投資者的承諾馬里奧·德拉吉,以防止升級的利率在債務市場陷入困境的歐元區國家 - 所有的呼吸了一口氣。

不知怎的,留出的方程,歐洲央行在年初試圖打市場,試圖阻止歐洲債券的生長量。然後,它以失敗而告終。儘管1萬億歐元的三年期貸款的形式抑制的增長率只有幾個月的歐洲銀行。所以,現在有一個合理的問題,監管機構是否履行其承諾,並保持在該地區的債務市場相對穩定的。然而,只要市場無條件地相信德拉吉保證。 因此,數個月在雅典是一個持續的辯論,從而進行新的削減開支。回想一下,一組國際貸款機構(IMF,歐洲央行和歐盟),通常被稱為"三駕馬車”,堅持一套新的優化預算總額為11.5億歐元。希臘當局並不能決定把開支項目下刀,達到然而,所有的時間作出這樣的決定。什麼是多-核數師的報告"三化”將被出版在未來幾週內。 應該沒有忘記,希臘數個月也沒有收到的第二批救助包,所有款項,這是"凍結”,直到該報告是在"三駕馬車”和簽署的新一輪削減開支。如果說,之前的十月底,雅典沒有得到一個新的部分的錢,該國將面臨很大的困難。會不會被威脅的所有內部的社會付款,這可能會招來更大的,比的春天,大規模的抗議活動。 儘管呼嘯的黑暗的歐洲政治家誰是現在爭奪每一個索賠1和不可分割的歐元地區,最近的民意調查顯示,多數投資者期望輸出仍然嚴重(至少)一個國家的貨幣聯盟一年。因此,歐元區持續的資本外逃,這也將繼續施加壓力,匯率EUR / USD事實上,

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Greece gradually again become a major problem in the eurozone. After the ECB announced the resumption of the program of redemption of Eurobonds passions around Spain gradually subsided. Currently, 10-year bonds traded at Madrid's 5.7% per annum, which is significantly lower than about 7% a few months earlier. In order to calm the investors had the promises Mario Draghi to prevent the escalation of interest rates in the debt markets troubled eurozone countries - all breathed a sigh of relief.

Somehow left out of the equation, the ECB at the beginning of the year trying to fight the market, trying to prevent the growth yield on Eurobonds. Then it ended in failure. Despite one trillion euros in the form of three-year loans were European banks to restrain the growth rates for only a few months. So now there is a legitimate question whether the regulator to fulfill its promises and maintain the relative stability of the debt market in the region. However, as long as markets unconditionally believe assurances Mario Draghi. So, for several months in Athens is an ongoing debate as to thereby carry out new spending cuts. Recall that a group of international lenders (IMF, ECB and EU), often referred to as the "troika", insists on a new package of budget optimization totaling 11.5 billion euros. Greek authorities and can not decide what expenditure items to put under the knife, and yet, all the time to make that decision is reached. What's more - the auditor's report "three" will be published in the coming weeks. should not forget that Greece for several months did not receive the second tranche of the bailout package, all payments of which are "frozen" until the report was the "troika" and the signing of the a new wave of spending cuts. If, before the end of October, Athens did not get a new portion of the money, the country will face great difficulties. Will be threatened all internal social payments, which may provoke even greater, compared with the spring, mass protests. spite of whistling in the dark European politicians who are now vying with each claim one and indivisible euro area, recent polls show that the majority of investors still seriously expect output (at least) one of the country's currency union for a year. Consequently, the euro zone continued capital flight, which also will continue to put pressure on the exchange rate EUR / USD . 

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The euro and the Australian dollar fell against the U.S. dollar on Thursday against the background that the weak manufacturing data reinforced concerns about slowing global economic growth.

The preliminary purchasing managers' index for the manufacturing of China, calculated HSBC, pointed to the reduction of activity in the sector of the 11th month in a row. Business activity in France has fallen dramatically, with the PMI index fell nearly 4 points to 44.1. This monthly fall rate was one of the strongest in history.

 "There is not a lot of good news to cause the euro", - said Greg Anderson of Citigroup in New York. He expects the fall in the euro / dollar to 1.2627 in the next few weeks.

Likelihood of "extreme scenarios, such as the default of a European country, has declined," as central banks, for example, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan took steps to stimulate their economies, said Elvayz Marino, a currency strategist analyst at Credit Suisse. However, "now the attention shifts to the economic growth in different countries," he adds.
This is why the euro fell on Thursday, according to Marino.
He expects that the European single currency will continue to decline and reach a level of 1.23 dollars in the next three months.
On Thursday evening, the euro / dollar was trading at 1.2968 on EBS system against 1.3049 at the close of trading in New York on Wednesday.
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Uncertainty regarding the financial assistance of Spain put pressure on the euro on Tuesday  against the backdrop of record profits that investors a day after rising single European currency to four-month high.

 Fears that Spain does not accept the austerity measures that are imperative to help the European Central Bank have intensified after the Spanish authorities refrained from declaring its willingness to accept the conditions of the country assistance program. This is a clever move, given the growing public discontent already unpopular reforms.

On Tuesday, the yield on 10-year government bonds of Spain for a short time more than 6%, the first time since September 6. Simultaneously  on  Forex  EUR / USD pair dropped to EBS by 0.5% to 1.3045.

The investors' increasing impatience against Spain reluctance to seek help, "said Joe Manimbo, analyst at Western Union Market Solutions. "Madrid seem to act cautiously, wanting to ensure that the price of care will not be too sharp dive in austerity", - he said.

Views: 730 | Added by: mik | Date: 19.09.2012 | Comments (0)

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