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 Technical fragment of EUR / USD  

In the process of correcting the price rose to 1.2290 resistance and is now trying to show the breakdown of the barrier. As noted earlier, the breakdown of this level would give grounds for expectations of a quick review of the continuation of the downtrend. The indicators, increasing their "bullish" mood, talking about a high probability of success in the breakdown of resistance is now being tested. 

 If this happens, it will be indicative 1.2430/50 resistance - its breakdown will determine change in trend for a longer time and the initial target for the "bulls" will be to identify the levels 1.2690, 1.2750/40. However, before lifting and fixing prices above the designated level, the preferences are saved for the realizations of a scenario of adherence rates to new local minima - levels in the range of 1.2100/1.2000.   



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EUR USD "Euro Dollar"

currency pair euro dollar continues to move downward in the model. At the moment, we can expect the onset of the correction in the region of 1.2350.Can be considered aggressive buying euros with a close stop. Already near the level of 1.2350 can be considered a pair of new sales. The overall aim of improving the model is the area of 1.2080. Cancellation option will increase in quotes above 1.2385.


EUR USD "Euro Dollar"
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American macroeconomics today, pretty pumped up. Retail sales, despite the expected rise in June, fell by 0.5%. The index for the second month in a "red zone", because in May, retail is not counted 0.2%. After a fairly positive statistics on the labor market on Thursday, when the number of applications for unemployment benefits fell to 350k, today's statistics again brings to the forefront of conversations about the slowing U.S. economic recovery and further actions the Fed.

Guards and the fact that according to recent surveys more and more leaders of American businesses are beginning to explicitly say that they expect a further deterioration of the situation in Europe, which will inevitably boomerang and hit the United States. The crisis, he is known to be in their heads.Such an expectation of "imminent problems of the Old World," will lead to further revisions of investment plans and programs to reduce the attraction of new employees, which will affect the dynamics of job creation in the coming months. Against this background, the International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast for growth in the global economy this year from 3.6% to 3.5%. At the 2013 figure also dropped to 3.9%, though previously the IMF expected an increase of 4.1%. The reason for this poor performance were from developing countries, primarily in China, coupled with the downturn in the euro area and deceleration in the U.S.. Moreover, if the European leaders would not be able to approach the solution of accumulated problems in the future at the IMF did not exclude a further correction of the forecast. on the euro continued to pressure the situation in Greece. 

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EUR USD "Euro Dollar"

currency pair euro dollar continues to move in within expectations. There are currently four-hour chart formed a descending pattern. Of the current field still expect the pair to the beginning of a correction level of 1.2350. From there you can consider selling the euro. The overall aim of improving the model is the area of 1.2040. Aggressive traders can recommend buying a pair of tight stop.


EUR USD "Euro Dollar"
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 Technical fragment of EUR / USD  

07/13/2012, the

The level of 1.2160, as expected, supported, and the price after the test of obstacles on the way down, rolled up a bit, now consolidated at 1.2190/1.2200. Indicators preserve evidence about the preferences of "bearish" attitude, which upholds the assumption of past comments about the pursuit of trade to support the range of 1.2100/1.2000. The divergence on the MACD called for caution, warning of the approach of stopping the fall of prices and the likelihood of beginning a major correction. Probably, the market will take another leap down to the perceived goals and only then begin a recovery correction. Warning that a change of sentiment, the price will rise above the level of 1.2440/50.


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美元继续其对欧洲对手的崛起。上周四的会议记录了美国的货币对欧元和英镑的利润,但反对削弱日元,标志着提高规避风险的典型模式。的不确定性围绕在希腊的情况和在"欧洲稳定机制的合宪德国法院的决定,再加上的观点,美联储并没有打算以尽快开展下一阶段的量化宽松政策,说服,有利于投资者的利益”绿色。" 根据央行失望,这是不是扩大体积激励计划在下次会议上率的行动,优先考虑日元。美国经济数据也支持通过积极的情绪 - 关于"臭虫”数量首次申请失业救济人数上周跌至四年多来的最低水平。

  首次申请失业救济下降了26万美元,预期-4日公布的每周报告显示,二级要求14万少负格局反映在6月的报告由美国联邦预算 - 赤字当前财政年度首9个月下降今年由于增加税收,并记录结果 - 59.74亿美元对-124.6十亿美元的五月。今天,新闻的生产者价格指数(PPI)的六月,可能与1 -0.5%的跌幅/ M,Y / Y 0.2%-1.0%后/ M,0.7%Y / Y之前,以及在密歇根消费者情绪指数七月大学,预计将增加至73.5,较6月份的73.2。至于未来,在市场情绪变化的原因,显然是没有偏好将继续交出美元。威慑力可能是周日假期的方法和技术因素,作为 对关闭很强的支撑/阻力水平。  

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The dollar continued its rise against European opponents. The session on Thursday recorded a profit of U.S. currency against the euro and pound, but weakened in opposition to the yen, marking the typical pattern of increasing risk aversion. The uncertainty surrounding the Greek situation and the decision of the German court on the constitutionality of the European stability mechanism, coupled with the view that the Fed does not intend to soon launch the next phase of quantitative easing, persuaded investors' interests in favor of "green." Preference is given to the yen were based on the actions of disappointment BoJ, which is not expanded volume incentive program at its next meeting on the rate. Data on the U.S. economy is also supported by positive emotions regarding "bugs" - the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week fell to its lowest level in more than four years.

  Publication of weekly report showed initial claims decline by 26 million with that expected -4 th, and the secondary requirements for 14 thousand less negative pattern was reflected in the June report by the U.S. federal budget - deficits declined for the first nine months of current fiscal year due to increased tax revenues, and the result recorded - 59.74 billion against $ -124.6 billion in May. Today, the news will provide the producer price index (PPI) for June, probably with a decrease of -0.5% m / m, +0.2% y / y after -1.0% m / m, 0.7% y / y previously, as well as the Michigan consumer sentiment index University in July, which is expected to increase to 73.5 compared to the June value of 73.2. As for the future, the reasons for the change of sentiment in the market there is no preference, apparently, will continue to surrender to the dollar. Deterrent may be the approach of Sunday's holiday, and technical factors, as pair close to the very strong levels of support / resistance.  

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