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Tuesday, 20.02.2018, 14:43
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Opponents of the monetary policy of the "new era" has long been predicted that the Central Bank, in the end result, having exhausted all possible resources and methods of borrowing. Experts believe that there are at least three good reasons to believe that this era has already begun. 

Basically, at the end of the phase of the corporations, there are difficulties directly related to finding a sufficient number of employees: search for employees is very important to get in tune with the growing volume of sales.


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Technical analysis and forecast cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTCUSD dollar on 02/12/2018


BTCUSD : Bitcoin has fulfilled the purpose of the previous wave of decline, going down to the level of 161.8% Fib. Then, the coin has adjusted upward, but soon got stuck sideways between support $ 7750 and 100% Fib. In the event of consolidation up taking longs for as low as $ 9200. The shorts go, starting at $ 7,200, if the support is broken $ 7750. MACD speaks in favor of the bulls came out in positive territory, but moving averages continue to put pressure on the quotes above.



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On Thursday, the sale of the US stock market continued. Dow Jones Industrial Average index hit a "correction territory," fell more than 1,000 points, the third time falling more than 500 points over the past five days. S & P 500 index fell 3.7% to a new low for the week. This has led many investors to worry and wonder how the network itself in such a situation? 



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This morning looks dramatically. All relevant indicators closed in red - the investors out of the assets, while the price for a timely exit from becoming too high. US exchanges closed the previous session abrupt failure - after a brief pause, the site returned to aggressive sellers. Futures on the S & P index premarket trading lossy 2 581.00 (-3.75%). Asian markets are now also utyanulo into negative territory. 225 Nikkei index fell to 0,24%, ASX Australia retreated to 0,9%, Shanghai Composite fell by 5.5%. Hang Seng dipped 3.5%.




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On Wednesday the 7th of February, trading on the euro closed down. The EURUSD pair fell from 1.2405 to 1.2246 (-159 pips). The main driver behind the dollar’s surge was the rise in US bond yields coupled with the extension of US government funding until the 23rd of March. This downwards dynamic on the EURUSD was enough to sink the EURGBP cross as well.



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Bitcoin cost is reduced at a record pace. 24 hours cryptocurrency value decreased by 25% and fell below $ 7 000. Such unexpected turn brought the news from South Korea, where hackers "robbed" cryptocurrency exchange for several million dollars. The value is also influenced by the situation in China, where they can completely disable the ICO. Among investors already discussed the complete collapse of Bitcoin and its replacement by a more advanced cryptocurrency. 

Yesterday, during the trading session rate of Bitcoin fell below $ 6, 000. Thus, the most popular in the world cryptocurrency lost per day for about a quarter of its value.

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Technical analysis and forecast cryptocurrency Bitcoin dollar BTCUSD 07.02.2018

On Tuesday, the downward correction was completed earlier expectations - BTCUSD pair rebounded from $ 5869 (a new low since November 14, 2017) and not testing the support of $ 5600. Bull dynamics lasted almost throughout the session, but to break $ 7770 after several attempts did not succeed. As long as the bulls took a break, the Bitcoin exchange rate is consolidating around $ 7370, Alligator Car points to the flat, on the MACD buy signal can be traced. The signal to buy a $ 8000 remains unchanged, waiting for a breakthrough after a brief consolidation.




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According to the Ukrainian-American billionaire, a concerted effort on the part of banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions are one of the main reasons for the collapse of the value of cryptocurrency. 

"There are three main factors that are considered by many bloggers and media have become causes of the fall of Bitcoin course. I must say that this is not the root causes. The media are increasingly talking about the fact that the authorities of South Korea and China plan to ban virtual currency. But do not go too far in this case, it was a regulation, "- says Mark Ginsburg. 

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Stocks have had quite a ride over the past few days. There’s been a violent, rapid selloff on all major global indices. SP500 broke the mid-term upwards trend line and went to test the long-term one. The initial reaction was positive and now we have a small reversal. This is a good place to do that as the 38.2% Fibonacci level is also there along with the trend line. As long as we stay above this area, this is still just a correction.



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The price of the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin was trading at less than $ 6,000 per coin, representing almost 25%.

As the data Coindesk, Bitcoin became cheaper by 8.2% - up to 6.346 thousand dollars, before falling below six thousand. Bitfinex on the stock exchange fell by 24.2% - to 6,351 thousand, on OKEx - by 23%, to 6.38 thousand. According CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin falls by 25.8% to 6,127 thousand.


This is interesting : What is the difference between the IMF and the World Bank ?

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