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Thursday, 14.12.2017, 11:10
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On Friday the 24th of November, trading on the euro closed up. The euro has gained 231 pips (+1.97%) against the dollar in the space of 4 days. The US dollar came under pressure after the minutes of the latest FOMC meeting were published (22nd of November), as well as from weak US data and a decline in bond yields. The single currency has been bolstered by prospects of a more favourable outcome to the political crisis currently taking place in Germany as well as the positive German IFO report.



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Market forecast for the week of November 27 - December 1:

BTC forecast for the week November 27 - December 1, 2017

Kriptovalyutv Bitcoin at last week's trading has updated the historical maximum, Bitcoin capitalization reached 140 billion level. Dollars. An uptrend is gaining momentum and in the short perspektiveigrokam worth waiting for price increases to $ 9000 PNA for two reasons.

First , there remains a high demand for risky assets in the world. Cryptocurrency, together with the stock markets, it belongs to this class of assets. Indices of fear in North America and Europe are close to the annual minimum, it indicates a continuation of the upward trend of Bitcoin.

Second , the whole world is waiting for the start of trading in futures on Bitcoin. The Chicago exchange CME announced that trading can start in the second week of December. Trade cryptocurrency become even easier as one futures contract will include five digital coins. 

BTC recommendation for the week 27.11 - 01.12.2017: Buy 8380/8000 and take profit 9000.



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Weather forex November 27, 2017

Events today:

18:00 MSK. USA: Sales of housing in the primary market in November (the previous value of 18.9% m / m; the forecast -6.3% m / m).

Forex. The forecast of the euro dollar today EUR / USD 27.11.2017

The pair EUR \ USD today, players waiting for an ambiguous situation. On the one hand, it is likely to increase in the euro against the background of positive on the credit market. Differential yields of German and US 10-letnihbumag grows, it is positive for the euro currency. On the other hand, the high demand for risky assets will put pressure on the euro quotes, as the funding currency. The currency of the Old World has an inverse correlation with the stock markets, most of which are traded in the "green zone". It is difficult to understand which of these factors will have a strong influence on the course of trading. 

EUR / USD recommendation 11.27.2017 : flat 1,1870-1,1950.



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EURUSD: price caught at the 112th degree


On Thursday the 23rd of November, the US dollar index hit a monthly low of 93.07. Accordingly, trading on the euro/dollar pair closed up. Given the euro’s 57.6% weighting on the DXY, the EURUSD pair practically mirrors the index’s movements. The single currency was boosted by European data (German GDP and Eurozone business activity), as well as the US dollar’s weakness.


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Forex weather on November 22, 2017

Market Events today:

16:30 MSK. USA: Change in orders for durable goods in October (the previous value of 2.2% m / m forecast 0.4% m / m).

22.00 MSK. USA: Publication of minutes of the Fed.


Forex. The euro dollar forecast for today EUR / USD 22.11.2017

Players navalyutnoy Exchange today is to sell EUR / USD pair to calculate the downtrend. There are two factors that will contribute to the development of this trend. 

The first factor - the decline of the German yield spread and mariknskih 10-year government securities. This indicator is now at a three-week low, it is a negative driver for the currency of the European Union. 
Another factor - the growth of stock markets. US S & P500 at yesterday's auction has updated the historical maximum, and the leaders of growth were paper IT-sector. This is a bad signal for the currency of the Old World, as the euro has an inverse correlation with the equity markets. 


EUR / USD recommendation 22.11.2017: Sell 1,1740 / 1,1768 and take profit 1,1685.

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On Friday the 17th of November, trading on the euro/dollar pair closed slightly up. Despite continued pressure on the euro due to difficulties in Germany in forming a coalition government, the single currency was bolstered by a surge in demand following a retreat by traders towards safe haven assets amid new developments concerning North Korea. The euro was also helped by a decline in US bond yields, which brought the dollar down with it.


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Forex weather on November 20, 2017

Forex euro dollar forecast EUR / USD at today 11/20/2017

Today the foreign exchange market players for the euro in tandem with the greenback is worth waiting for a moderate decline. Since the major events on the calendar today, no, bidding will determine the dynamics of the credit market. The yield on 10-year government bonds Germenii reduced to English and American, for the currency of the Old World is negative. After Friday's positive statistics showed a strong decline of the United States on the construction sector spread of bonds that have a positive impact on the value of greenbacks. 

EUR / USD recommendation 20.11.2017: Sell 1,1795 / 1,1825 and take profit 1,1756.


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Bitcoin BTC forecast for the week 20-24.11.2017

Bitcoin is hitting record lows! Almost every week traders and investors see the historical maximum for this cryptocurrency. Now capitalization Bitcoin is 129 billion. USD., Which is four times higher than its closest pursuer Ethereum. Traders concerned a single question: whether the growth potential is stored in the instrument? Probably yes. To continue BTC growth are two reasons.

First, the world is maintained demand for riskier assets, as evidenced by the drop in the index of "fear" VIX. Any cryptocurrency refers to the number of risky assets, and is heavily dependent on capital flows.

Second, the American Stock Exchange CME has not yet started trading futures on Bitcoin. New records are waiting for investors in December, when it announced the start of trading data. 

BTC recommendation for the week 20-24.11.2017: Buy 7550/7190 and take profit 8010.



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EURUSD: price pulls back 61.8% before bouncing off the A-A channel


On Thursday the 16th of November, trading on the euro/dollar pair closed down. The rate twice approached the zone of 1.1757 – 1.1759, but failed to break through. News from the US didn’t do sellers any good either. The US House of Representatives yesterday passed a tax reform bill proposed by the Trump administration. Markets were slow to react to the news given that the Senate has put forward an alternative proposal, which involves deferring tax cuts for another year. As such, it’s unclear as of yet what the final legislation will look like.



From the 1.1770 mark, the euro should have continued its decline until 1.1710, but the political news held it up. More on this later.

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EURUSD: daily pin bar model suggests a decline ahead


On Wednesday the 15th of November, trading on the euro/dollar pair closed down to form a pin bar or shooting start model on the daily timeframe. The euro opened up in the European session. In the space of three hours, the rate jumped 68 pips to 1.1853. After the publication of US data, buyers shifted the intraday high to 1.1860.


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