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Tuesday, 20.08.2019, 17:46
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Analytics EURUSD based on round levels, price channels and altered wave analysis.

13/08/2019 Technology Forecast EURUSD

A currency pair trading EURUSD ranging round important level of 1.1200. From round the secondary level of 1.1180, below 135 moving average formed fractal start. Who is likely to retest it occurs round the important level 1.1200.



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How to make investors today? To pass or buy Apple shares? Trading ideas for investors 13.08.2019 for investment in shares Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ)

13 Avgusta.2019 Technical Analysis of Stocks Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ)

The general movement of Apple shares rising. In figure formed H1 timeframe "Hammer" with a false breaking through the previous minimum. Resistance 203.34 level will break through the formation of the ascending wave design in the overall Apple shares rising trend.




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Events today:

15:30 MSK. US: Consumer Price Index for July.

The euro exchange rate against the dollar forex forecast for EURUSD today 08/13/2019

At the end of last week, investors were concerned about the situation in Italy, where he broke the political crisis. However, at the beginning of a new five-day market has forgotten about this factor. Investors no longer massively sell Italian bonds and bank stocks. The focus was again the monetary policy the US Federal Reserve. On the eve of the yield of three-month US Treasury Bills Ministry of Finance for the first time fell below 2% this year. This rate is the benchmark for interbank lending in London (Libor rate). The growth of interbank lending rates always leads to an increase in value of the dollar and vice versa. Now we see a rather stable trend to reduce interest rates, which will contribute to reducing the value of the dollar.

EURUSD recommendation: Buy 1.1172 / 1.1150, and take profit 1.1229



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The euro exchange rate against the dollar forex forecast for EURUSD today 08/12/2019

Euro is trying to demonstrate growth on the background of positive dynamics in the credit market, where the yield spread in Germany / US government bonds demonstrates the growth, but there are constraints. Firstly, investors are taking profits on the "Long" in gold, which is negative for the euro, as the two instruments have historically correlated. The yellow metal last week tested the six-year maximum, but was unable to consolidate above the psychological level of $ 1,500 / ounce. Secondly, Italy flaring up a new political crisis. The leader of the ruling party Mattio Salvini called for early elections. Shares of Italian banks fell in the moment of 4-5%, sharply increased insurance against default on Italian bonds. Against this background, today I do not expect the trend movement in the currency pair.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1160 -1.1240



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First, a few words about the events of the past week:


- USD / EUR. The pair is consolidating in a zone of strong support / resistance level near 1.1200. Generally, 1.1150-1.1215 zone is sufficient for the pair of sign, as it can be called the main Pivot Point 2015-2016g.g. And now, three years later, the couple was again in this range, which may indicate some confusion market.

Uncertainty enough.


nord_crypto trade cryptocurrency



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Events today:

11:30 MSK. United Kingdom: Change in GDP for the 2nd quarter.

15:30 MSK. US Producer Price Index for July.

The euro dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 09/08/2019

For the euro now there are both good and bad factors. On the one hand, macroeconomic statistics from the US Producer Price Index for July may disappoint investors weak data, due to lower raw material costs. This factor may cause a new wave of reduction in yield of US government bonds. Against this background, it is possible to expect short-term depreciation of the dollar quotation, which in turn have a positive impact on the value of the euro. On the other hand, the leading stock markets of the world show growth of quotations in the past two days, forcing investors to take profits on gold, which this week has renewed six year high and broke the mark of $ 1500 / ounce. Since there is a strong correlation between gold and the euro, this factor can be caused by reduction of quotations of the single currency.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1160 -1.1240



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EURAUD Analytics based on the circular level, price channels and altered wave analysis.

08/08/2019 Technical analysis of the EURAUD


On day timeframe EURAUD Pin bar formed with a false breaking local maximum which was formed in the same Pin bar. We consider two scenarios for sale EURAUD - to correct 50% of the figure and in the penetration figures.




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The euro exchange rate against the dollar today, EURUSD Forecast 08/08/2019

Passions around the United States and China have not yet subsided a trade war - J. Trump has quietly reacted to the surge in volatility on the financial markets. In his twitter US President wrote that he expected such a reaction of the market. Trump continues to criticize the Fed and requires a rapid reduction in interest rates. Four of the former head of the US Federal Reserve issued a sharp condemnation of the American president's actions - former heads of the Fed needs to leave alone D. Powell. It is difficult to understand who is fighting D. Trump - he opposed the Democrats in Congress, against the Fed, against China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Russia to the situation incomprehensible. What we have in the dry residue? German yield spread of government bonds / US demonstrates the rapid growth of 1 August. This factor has caused a strengthening of the euro at 200 n., And this trend will continue.

EURUSD recommendation: Buy 1.1184 / 1.11 60 and take profit 1.1225



Views: 15 | Added by: mik | Date: 08.08.2019 | Comments (0)


Events today:

US data on crude oil inventories from the Energy Department.

The euro dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 08/07/2019

At present, formed a mixed background. On the one hand, it is possible to expect reduction of euro quotations against the background of the negative dynamics of the credit market, where the yield on 10-year German government bonds is reduced in relation to their counterparts in the US and UK. On the other hand, it will be published today the report on oil stocks in the United States, which may please investors positive data that have a positive impact on the cost of oil and the euro, which correlate with each other.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1170 -1.1240



Views: 16 | Added by: mik | Date: 07.08.2019 | Comments (0)


The euro dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 08/06/2019

While the US and China trade blows in a trade war - the yield of two-year US government bonds, which is closely correlated with the interest rate of the Federal Reserve, fell below 1.6%, which is the minimum for the last 20 months. This factor has led investors to sell dollars and buy euros and gold. That two of these assets showed strong growth in the first day of the week. 



Views: 18 | Added by: mik | Date: 06.08.2019 | Comments (0)

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