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Tuesday, 23.04.2019, 13:47
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Results of the last trading day EURUSD:

In the Tuesday, April 16, trading in the euro ended lower. With the price level of 1.1314 knocked Reuters. It is reported that some members of the ECB Governing Council questioned the strengthening of the euro zone economic growth in the second half of 2019, as forecasts are too optimistic. Within two hours the EURUSD came back to resistance 1.1314, but keep at that level it has not happened. Closure of the day took place in the bottom of the intraday range.



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Events today:

11:30 MSK. UK: Consumer price index for March.

17:30 MSK. US data on stocks of crude oil from the Department of Energy in March.

The euro dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 06/17/2019

The EUR / USD continues to trade in a sideways trend. Now there are several key factors that influence the course of trading in the major currency pairs. Firstly, it is the sale of gold, which is observed the last five trading days. Gold and the euro have a strong correlation, and are considered by investors as an alternative to the dollar. Gold is now trading at a minimum over the past three months, and this factor will have a negative impact on the euro. Second, the credit market is observed, though moderate, but still negative dynamics for the euro - the yield on 10-year government bonds falling relative to their counterparts in the US and Germany. Third, weak data on industrial production in the US in March did not allow to count on a strong dollar strengthening, as this indicator is closely monitored by the Fed, and points to the need to keep interest rates at current levels. What we have in the dry residue? Probably pair EURUSD test the level of 1.1270, and then rolled back up happen to around 1.1300. Today, as an alternative to the euro, you can consider buying the # DAX30 index for the purpose of 12220.

EUR / USD recommendation: flat 1.1270 -1.1320.




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In the Monday, April 15, trading in the euro / dollar ended in a slight decline. The euro fell to 1.1298 on Tuesday in Asian trade - up to 1.1293. For me, it was a technical correction.

The overall negative sentiment in the US session, the Canadian dollar has created. He fell sharply to all currencies after the publication of the Bank's business survey of Canada for the I quarter of 2019. Based on it, the Bank of Canada will not raise rates at the next meeting.



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Events today:

11:30 MSK. United Kingdom: Changes in the level of average earnings in February.

16.15 MSK. US: Industrial Production for March.

The euro \ usd forex forecast for EURUSD today 04/16/2019

A strong trend in the EUR / USD pair today forex players do not expect. The yield spread on 10-year German and US securities in the debt market virtually unchanged. Gold is now trading at a minimum for the last six days, which is also negative for the euro, due to the direct correlation of the two instruments. Maybe then you must sell the single European currency? No, do it now also not worth it, because there are no factors that could support the US dollar. D. Trump criticizes the impression the Fed and investors every week that the Fed will not raise interest rates over the next two years.

EUR / USD recommendation: flat 1.1250 -1.1340



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Gold finished the last trading week almost its opening level, but locally maintains the tendency to decrease.

Friday main pressure exerted on yellow metal in the stock markets situation where global indices traded in the green zone, indicating an increased interest investors in risk assets. In the United States kicked off the corporate reporting season, which has strongly supported the US stock market. Reports largest banks JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo came out better than market expectations, prompting the growth of the major indexes from 0.5% to 1%. Gold is one of defense assets, so it is always under pressure at high interest of investors in risky assets.


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Results of the last trading day EUR / USD:

For the week the major currencies have shown an increase, safe-haven showed a decrease. The Australian dollar rose against the dollar by 0.97%, the Euro by 0.75%, the New Zealand dollar - 0.44%, the Canadian dollar - 0.42% and the British pound - to 0.32%. The Japanese yen fell by 0.27%, the Swiss franc - by 0.23%.  



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The euro dollar forex trading forecast for EURUSD today 04/15/2019

At present, formed a mixed background. On the one hand, you can expect a decrease in quotations of the euro as the ECB still firmly declares the need to stimulate the economy in the coming year, as inflation is still significantly below the key level. On the other hand, the "bull rally" in the oil market can cause a decline in the dollar, as the energy and the US currency have historically had an inverse correlation. Investors buy oil as expected reduction in raw material supplies from Libya and Venezuela, where there is an escalation of the civil war.

EURUSD recommendation: flat 1.1250 -1.1340.



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First, a few words about the events of the past week:


- EUR / USD. Many traders complain of low volatility in the market. But, despite the pessimism Mario Draghi that he demonstrated after the ECB meeting on Wednesday, April 10, for the past week the euro was able to play the dollar around 100 points and go to the zone of very strong support / resistance level 1.1300, around which the pair started to move back in January 2015. The reason for this is likely a delay in Brexit.

As a result, the forecast proved correct, given that 40% of analysts, supported by 20% of the oscillators, signal an oversold. In their view, rebounding from support in the area of ​​1.1200, the pair had to go up to resistance 1.1255 and in case of a breakthrough, reach a height of 1.1300. What happened in reality;



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The EUR / USD continues to trade in different directions while maintaining mostly laterally midweek movement.

Thursday trading ended in the red zone, -0.15%, against widespread US dollar strengthening, especially to raw currencies (0.6 to Australian dollar, 0.5% to NZD, 0.4% to Canadian dollar). Experts note that the main driver of growth was the good data from the internal statistics of the United States. The number of applications for unemployment benefits for the reporting week amounted to only 196K, which is the minimum value of this indicator since October 1969. The producer price index rose 0.6%, with an expected growth of 0.3%, increasing the likelihood of growth of consumer inflation in the medium term.



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In Thursday, April 11, trading in the euro / dollar closed lower. The euro fell to 1.1250. For me it was a downward correction in relation to the upward movement. Strengthening of the dollar contributed to the American statistics and dynamics of return in the US 10-year bond, which has grown.

Producer Price Index and a decrease in the number of applications for the grant of unemployment in the US have reduced the likelihood of the Fed lowering rates, the messengers.



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