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Online Trading Forex : Currency Pairs
selenaprityDate: Monday, 14.09.2015, 08:12 | Message # 1
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Work on the foreign exchange market embraces purchase of one currency and sale of another. Forexmarket is the largest financial market worldwide; its daily turnover exceeds
one of the stock market by many times. People trade on Forex 24 hours a day 5
days a week. All trading operations are carried out with the foreign currency. Currencies of different countries are traded on the market. The list ofcurrencies contains the monetary units of most countries, which currency is convertible,
i.e. can be exchanged for the monetary unit of another country. All the
currencies on Forex are combined in pairs, because the rate of one currency is
set against the rate of another.

The international organization forstandardization (ISO) assigned abbreviation to all pairs. It made trading
convenient because traders should know which currency pairs are hidden behind
the name of quotation. There are basic and quoted currencies in the pair. As a
rule, basic currency is the US dollar. Most currency operations are executed
with four main currencies: the euro EUR, the Swiss franc CHF, the British pound sterlingGBP and the Japanese yen JPY. Examples of the currency pairs: GBP / USDBritish
pound / US dollar- “Cable” EUR / USD Euro / US dollar - “Euro” USD / JPY US
dollar / Japanese yen “Ninja” USD / CHF US dollar / Swiss franc “Swiss dollar”,
or “Swissy” USD / CAD US dollar / Canadian dollar “Loonie” AUD / USD Australian
dollar / US dollar “Aussie” EUR / GBP Euro / British pound “Chunnel” EUR / JPY
Euro / Japanese yen “Yuppy” EUR / CHF Euro / Swiss franc “euro-franc” GBP / CHF
British pound / Swiss franc “sterling-franc” GBP / JPY British pound / Japanese
yen “Geppie” or “sterling-yen” CHF / JPY Swiss franc / Japanese yen NZD / USD
New Zealand dollar / US dollar “New Zealand dollar” or “Qiwi” USD / ZAR US
dollar / South African rand or “South African rand” ООВ/ USDSpot Gold SLV / USD
Spot Silver Moreover, there is a division of the currency pairs.

The commonly used one is Major group – 75% ofall trading operations on the market are settled with MAJOR pairs: EUR/USD,
GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY. Currency pairs, which do not involve the US dollar,
are called cross-rates. They are: EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP,EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY,
NZD/JPY. Every currency pair has its peculiarities and is influenced by
different factors. The most important condition of successful trading on Forex
is understanding of this fact by a trader.

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anubavsheikDate: Thursday, 17.09.2015, 10:13 | Message # 2
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Selection of right currency pairs is extremely important andthis is why I prefer EU, it’s one of the best pair to trade with especially
thanks to Nova FX broker where I get stable pair of 1.5 pips, high leverage up
to 1:1000 while there is also great offers like super nova where I get 5% extra
on deposit, so that really helps me trade so much better while there is also
24/5 support service which really makes trading easier.
lakhanyaishaDate: Wednesday, 28.10.2015, 17:30 | Message # 3
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I only prefer pairs that are highly traded, so that is howwe will make good profits consistently, but if we keep on changing pairs than
we will struggle badly. I at the moment go with EUR/USD; it is easy target for
me to make quick profits while also having low spread of 0.2 pips for this
makes it so much easier. Also, I am getting huge rebate from OctaFX broker and
that too up to 15 dollars per lot size, so that’s why it is so good for all.
shieklakhanyDate: Friday, 08.01.2016, 23:48 | Message # 4
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I don’t have much problem in selection because I trade with OctaFX broker, it is a company that’s well reputed for providing low spreads starting from just 0.1 to 1 pips, so with such advantage, so with this, it is really irrelevant to what pair I select to trade with, as I am always performing well and that leads to high level of profits for me, it is why I really love trading with them and always leads me into great benefits.
lakhanyaishaDate: Tuesday, 09.02.2016, 23:55 | Message # 5
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Trading in online is one of the most profitable stuff, but at the same time it is high risk as well. I am working with OctaFX broker and due to their outstanding facility, I am able to do very well, it is all thanks to the low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 plus smooth trading platform like cTrader, it really helps me to trade and allows me to perform at my very best, so that’s why I really like and enjoy dealing with them.
nasirlakhanyDate: Wednesday, 06.04.2016, 00:37 | Message # 6
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I always used to fear tostart in Forex because I wanted to skip the pressure and the risk, but I
never realized I was missing such a life-changing
work, but thanks to my friends for putting me into this, I am now loving it and
also credit to my broker OctaFX since
without their support and help, I might have struggled badly, but instead, I am rocking through their 50% bonus
on deposit offer and can be completely aggressive with knowing I have my safe
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